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  1. SRV, Joe Bonamassa, Brian Kahanek, Zakk Wylde, Vic Johnson
  2. I'm glad this thread got resurrected... I can't believe I missed out on all this fun last month!!! As for intonation, I've never heard of saddles being arranged by look, rather by lengthening or shortening the string as needed. And which way the adjustment screws face... I've never really given it any thought, just assumed they would always face the stop bar (both of my LP's have Nashville bridges). At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how you arrive at perfect intonation, as long as it sounds good (and is in key). What works for one person may not work for another, and I'm certainly not going to tell someone their method is wrong because I disagree with it.
  3. I can't believe he was booted from this site... He had a wealth of knowledge and experience and I always like reading his posts/threads. Anyone know what caused him to be banished from this corner of the interwebs??? His dismay for Gibson's entire 2015 USA lineup?
  4. Fish and chips, bangers and mash, steak and ale pie... pub food is quite good in the UK, as is the beer. Will be making a stopover in Jolly Old England on my way back from the states in December. As for the OP, I haven't played a Standard, but based on the specs it is quite a different animal than the Traditional. Play a lot of both of them, as several have suggested. Happy hunting.
  5. I like them for bluesier sounding music, I use .010's on my other LP... just depends on what mood I'm in when I play, what style I am playing, etc. I used .012's on my strats many moons ago, but they are a bit much for me now.
  6. I have 11's on my JB Studio and I love the 'beefiness' of the thicker-gauge strings. It was actually 'used' from Musician's Friend... can't find a blemish or flaw with it at all, other than the usual needing a setup...
  7. Here's mine... just got her set up and strung up with some .011's... this is a FUN guitar to wail on!!!
  8. Thanks for posting, this is always good information
  9. Just joined the club 3 days ago!! 2012 Trad Plus Desert Burst, before and after cosmetic upgrades... Before: After:
  10. +1 I bought my HD-28 new in 2001, and it still smells awesome!! Kinda weird sniffing the sound hole on my guitar, but it is very nice...
  11. My Classic Custom kinda smells like vanilla... not posting a pic here as my computer does not support scratch-n-sniff
  12. I'm now part of the Studio Club!! My LP Studio Joe Bomanassa just arrived yesterday, and it is sweet!!! I haven't had a chance to play it much, but it was flawless out of the case, and much heavier than I thought.
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