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  1. I like the LemonBurst... wouldn't have thought that finish would look good on a custom, but I like it
  2. I understand your concern, but I think it's a bit extreme to get rid of a guitar you like for what I consider a non-guitar issue. If the G-force just completely craps out on you, you can replace it with some regular tuners. In the mean time, stock up on batteries. And a tuner. Just in case...
  3. that's what she said... I'll show myself out now
  4. SRV, Joe Bonamassa, Brian Kahanek, Zakk Wylde, Vic Johnson
  5. I had the 20-watt Blackstar and it didn't sound thin at all on the overdrive/distortion channel to me. In fact it might have had too much gain (for me). I now have a Marshall SL5 (5-watt) which is a little tamer in the distortion department than the Blackstar, and I have both a Maxon TS and an OCD. Both are very different, but I find myself gravitating towards the Maxon.
  6. To each their own, but I would not think twice about those 'nicks'. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the aesthetics of my instruments, but I would not lose any sleep over the two minor (in my opinion) blemishes you pointed out. But that's just me...
  7. Nailed it Bence... couldn't agree more!!
  8. Don't get rid of the 2015, that thing is gonna be worth a lot of money one day... just kidding. If you like your Standard, you can always swap out the pots and wire it up to suit your needs.
  9. If you are looking strictly at Gibson pickups, you can't go wrong with a set of 57 Classics. What pickups do you currently have?
  10. I'm glad this thread got resurrected... I can't believe I missed out on all this fun last month!!! As for intonation, I've never heard of saddles being arranged by look, rather by lengthening or shortening the string as needed. And which way the adjustment screws face... I've never really given it any thought, just assumed they would always face the stop bar (both of my LP's have Nashville bridges). At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how you arrive at perfect intonation, as long as it sounds good (and is in key). What works for one person may not work for another, and I'm certainly n
  11. They should be different... don't mean to point out the obvious but are there stickers or anything on the underside? I don't have experience with the 59 Tributes, but I would assume that there would be a 'B' and 'N' identifier. Another way to differentiate is by resistance, whichever one registers higher with an ohm-meter will be the bridge pickup.
  12. Is that the rule? New home = new guitar? If that's the case, I owe myself like 4 new guitars.... Like Pip said, can't go wrong with a Traditional.
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