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  1. Thank you for sending me the pics How did you get the JBL speakers to fit in the cab because I have 2 Fender JBL D110F that won't fit due to output transformer size. Did you replace the output transformer with a smaller one?
  2. I am currently rebuilding a 1963 Gibson GA-75 and need some advice on the caps I replaced below. I followed the schematic as best as I can but still confused if I connected the 20uf capacitor to the diode correctly. I am going to put a VVR3 in place of where the monitor jack is to get distortion at lower levels.
  3. A lot of people pay Tom Murphy extra to make those scratches you lucked out and got them for free.
  4. Aluminum Tailpiece you can FEEL the difference in weight not hear it.....
  5. Any feedback or squeal issues with high gain?
  6. Remember the Gibson Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix
  7. Thanks, this was my first time wiring a Les Paul from scratch and found it to be more challenging than wiring a Strat. The vintage caps added a well rounded hollow like tone and pronounced grit with high gain when compared to my previous Russian K40Y9s. Finally finished
  8. Thank you I just finished vintage wiring the guitar yesterday and had to taper ream the holes to accommodate CTS Pots 3/8 threads. Used authentic 50s PIO Sprague Bumblebee .022 caps although they are a little larger at 600v the price I got for them would have cost the same as Vitamin Qs. Also, added an aged nickel Gotoh aluminum bridge since I'm going for the vintage sound with BB 1 & 2 pickups controlled by switchcraft long shaft 3 switches and jack. Crowned/polished the frets and darkened the fretboard with Fiebings leather dye. Project well under budget after selling my Gibson Stu
  9. Just the answer I was looking for Thank you :)
  10. Did some repair work on my old vintage and while it played great after the restoration the vintage sound and vibe was gone.
  11. Orville Les Paul's the same as Epiphone Japan? I have a 1994 Fujigen Orville Les Paul with solid flame top and long neck tenon and wondering if they are the same since Orville and Epiphone are both owned by Gibson.
  12. Who doesn't change the Standard TRC these days...
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