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  1. Thank you for sending me the pics How did you get the JBL speakers to fit in the cab because I have 2 Fender JBL D110F that won't fit due to output transformer size. Did you replace the output transformer with a smaller one?
  2. I am currently rebuilding a 1963 Gibson GA-75 and need some advice on the caps I replaced below. I followed the schematic as best as I can but still confused if I connected the 20uf capacitor to the diode correctly. I am going to put a VVR3 in place of where the monitor jack is to get distortion at lower levels.
  3. Remember the Gibson Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix
  4. I wish I can praise my studio but it's only the bastard child relative of my beautifully binded Standard/Historic Les Pauls.
  5. Reality is you really don't know what came from Japan if your only resources are online. As you stated many colors and configurations have come from Japan including bolt on neck LP copies. I have seen another LP-100 exactly like the one I have with the same Fuji-Gen serial number on the neck plate but in white. Is my LP-100 made in Korea? If you are basing your answers to an online catalog and taking an educated guess then I still won't believe you so to me it's a definitely a MAYBE. Are my American Fender Strat's and MIJ Fender Tele's worth more than my LP-100? YES, FACT
  6. Great information and is now embedded into my cranium. This was advertised as a MIJ Fuji-Gen and now debating if I should get a refund or not. Thanks for the help Here are the pics: I also have a EPI FT130SB with serial 07780040 Any info on the serial? Thanks again
  7. Are you positive? Info from http://www.epiphonewiki.com/index.php?title=Les_Paul Les Paul-100 Standard Japan Domestic Market only Epiphone humbucker pickups Slim Mahogany/alder body Chrome hardware Bolt-on Mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays Tune-o-matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece Gold speed knobs 2 Vol. 2 Tone controls 3-way selector switch 24.75" scale 1.68" nut width Colors: Ebony Pearl White Red Vintage Sunburst Antique Sunburst Heritage Cherry Sunburst See Also: Epiphone Japan
  8. I have a Epi LP-100 and told it was 1994 MIJ. Can anyone decipher the serial number 9403042? Thanks
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