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  1. Thanks man...I like the standard too,but i'm just one of those that prefers the maple mahogany combo...so i opted for this beauty.
  2. Really, what about my 2016 Sg Supreme Limited Edition...Thats new and probably thee most gorgeous and perfect looking and sounding SG Gibson has ever made......Check my post here My Beautiful New Baby 2016 Gibson Sg Supreme......There isn't anything wrong with this model it's PERFECT.
  3. Thanks Man she really is, and she sounds as beautiful as she looks. I just hope my son makes another effort to learn the guitar so i can pass it on to him in years to come.
  4. Here ya' go, i just remembered to snap a few pics when i was putting it away after i finished playing earlier. http://s1185.photobucket.com/user/macmutt69/library/?sort=3&page=1
  5. Will be playing this weekend and i'll snap some pics of it.
  6. [url="http:// http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/USA/SG-Supreme-2016-Limited.aspx#SGSU16OBCH1" Sorry I haven't taken a picture of mine yet, been too busy playing it and rubbing it with a diaper, so I enclosed the link to it on Gibson's site. I don't know if it will come up or not in the link but I got mine in the ocean blue color, and this baby screams, and is quite honestly thee best looking SG I've ever seen. I will love it and treasure it until my last breath, this is without a doubt the most beautiful guitar I've ever owned and it sound's even better than it looks.
  7. I play mine through a fender blues junior along with my pedal board that consists of my Morley wah and a variety of 5 different distortion pedals. Love the sounds I get through the combo of the blues junior and my grunge or screaming blues, coupled with using my wah as a tone control.....I get bluesy tones as well as raunchy rock tones, perfect for what I play..Allman brothers, Clapton, Stevie Ray, Skynyrd, Buddy Guy and so on.
  8. My brother has an 86 black standard and they put speed knobs on his, these knobs look more like there off an 81, condition is far from mint as well, again my brothers is a few years older and it looks brand new, this one has a lot of nicks and scratches. Makes me wonder how it was treated, but that's just me, I'm very particular about caring for my guitars.
  9. Hey guys i own a few Gibsons and one of the more recent ones came with that new Geforce tuning system and at first i thought it was really cool how fast it worked, i just selected the key of G for my tuning, then plucked each string and it tuned it in seconds. However just one week later i went to play again and the guitar didn't sound in tune, so i turned on the Geforce tuner, and tuned it again and it tuned it again just as fast, however each week it was the same story, it does not hold it's tune for long. Now i've had both standard Grovers and Gibson deluxe tuners that, as most of y
  10. My brother also recommended Carvin too, but the wait time can be as long as 3 months, and that much patience I just don't have.
  11. This is my post over at the PRS forums, just scroll down and the pic of my guitar I took is pictured here, the color is called orange tiger smoke burst. http://prsguitars.com/forum/showthread.php?12114-My-New-PRS-I-Love-This-New-Girl-of-Mine-It-s-Perfect As for some other comments made here in my post at the Gibson forum, I am not a pouting teenager who didn't get what he wanted, i'm a 46 year old man with a wife and two kids who's been waiting for over 20 years to make a major guitar purchase like this and Gibson was my first choice, but they snubbed me and my money. As for their
  12. Hey Guy's, well a few weeks back when I was pondering whether to get a 2015 Les Paul standard or a 2015 PRS Custom 22, I just could not make up my mind. Since I wanted a solid body Les Paul (No Chambering or weight relief) with a new 2015 wider slim taper neck and burst bucker pro pickups, and no Geforce tuning system, I thought I would contact Gibson and ask the custom shop to alter their 2015 traditional model to suit my specs. I offered $5000 for them to merely change the neck profile, pickups and leave off the tuning system, and they told me "We're sorry our custom shop is not taking
  13. Ok, well that's good news for you I suppose, but how many guitars are out there with this issue with the brass nut? and why should a person like me spend over $3500 and have to go through the hassle of contacting Gibson, removing my new strings and swapping out the nut for a replacement nut on a brand new $3500 guitar. Doesn't that sound a bit crazy to have to do that, I can understand someone like yourself that already purchased the guitar not knowing about this nut issue, but I am fully aware of it, and that doesn't make me too eager to hand over my money, just do go through another orde
  14. Sorry man, but now i'm more leery than ever about buying a 2015 LP standard, i'm leaning towards a new PRS now. I would be freaking out if I spent over $3000 and something like this happened I would be so pissed beyond belief i'd probably demand a refund from Gibson.
  15. I hope this isn't a serious issue, because I was planning on ordering a new 2015 LP standard in like a week or two. I'm also concerned about the longevity of the Geforce battery life and how hard or easy finding another one and replacing it may be.
  16. I'm about to purchase a new 2015 Les Paul standard, but I have concerns about the metal dust residue I've heard about from the tuning friction of the Geforce and the brass nut. Plus i'm wondering about the battery life on the Geforce tuner, and how easy it is to buy and replace? Does anyone know about either of these issues? Please let me know because, if the nut is going to need constant replacement, like even one every year or every other year, and the Geforce tuner battery likewise replacement, then it could be deal breaker for me. So please let me know.
  17. All very nice looking and sounding guitars, I discovered Dagmar just over a year ago, so I contacted them about their prices, and the guitars starting prices were $8000.00. So I replied to him and reminded him that such world famous guitar makers like Fender, Gibson and PRS or Rickenbacker can all be gotten for thousands less, but he stated how his were innovative and custom, and unique. All true but not worth $8000.00 to me, someone else might feel differently but not me.
  18. I get what your saying, I do, but I have to get the most bang for my buck, both guitars are pleasing to the eye, and have phenomenal fat, warm tones, but with the new innovations on the Les Paul and value increase as years go on. I have to go with the Les Paul Standard, hopefully one day i'll be able to make the PRS the second dream guitar when finances allow,, but for a first time dream guitar purchase, I can't pass up the new LP standard.
  19. I have played Les Pauls, and I have played SE PRS's but not the Custom 22, both played nice but the slim neck of the Les Paul felt better in my hands.
  20. Well thanks for all the input guy's, and I've weighed all the pro's and con's of both guitars, from features to construction and price, and I've decided to go with the 2015 Gibson Les Paul Standard, it just offers a lot more improvements and innovations to ignore, and it's only $200 more than PRS's Custom 22 which features have not really changed over recent years. Plus Gibson is in that same unique bubble as Fender where their guitars not only hold their value, but the value goes up as years go by, PRS's drop in value as soon as they leave the store, and continue to decline as years go b
  21. Nope with this years model I don't like the 57 pickup's or the jack on the face of the guitar, and I need my maple cap on top.
  22. Wow, all very good points Ryan, and I know about those Gibson inconsistencies you speak of, I for one hate to spend thousands of dollars on a " NEW " guitar and then find cosmetic or structural flaws. You've definitely given me some food for thought, thank you for your input, I just wish that the Gibson that made my brothers 1984 SG was the Gibson of today, because it is beautiful and flawless...and unless I am physically able to pull a Gibson Les Paul from guitar center's warehouse and look at it and play it I can't trust that ordering one online will be in flawless condition. However
  23. Hey Guy's, I realize i'm in a Gibson forum, but I was hoping some die hard lovers of the guitar in general could give me some honest opinions. I'm finally able to afford to get my dream guitar and i'm kind of stuck and just can't decide between the 2015 LP standard or the 2015 PRS Custom 22. I know I want the mahogany maple combo and slim profile neck, which both have, and i'm well aware of all the new bells and whistles the 2015 Les Paul has with the adjustable brass nut, and removable pick guard, the wider neck, the adjustable bridge while tuned....as for coil taps both PRS and the LP h
  24. Hey guy's heres a cool new guitar blog that , i think has alot of insight to cool equipment and saving on some good sounding gear. By all means i think you all should give it a read....Enjoy!!! http://screaminleads.blogspot.com/
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