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  1. Before I rant, I picked up one of the last SGJ in vintageburst from Zzounds and am just floored at hkw awesome it sounds and plays. I've had it 2 weeks now and I am convinced that 2013&2014 SG's are some of the best.


    Now....2016. We SG lovers were slighted. 2 very standard offerings, and a special which is basically a 2012 rehash. I was really hoping for a return to an SG li e that was beefed up with tributes and inovative offerings.......but nope. Oh well....hopefully 2017 will see some expansion. What would you like to see?


    Really, what about my 2016 Sg Supreme Limited Edition...Thats new and probably thee most gorgeous and perfect looking and sounding SG Gibson has ever made......Check my post here My Beautiful New Baby 2016 Gibson Sg Supreme......There isn't anything wrong with this model it's PERFECT.

  2. [url="http:// http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/USA/SG-Supreme-2016-Limited.aspx#SGSU16OBCH1"


    Sorry I haven't taken a picture of mine yet, been too busy playing it and rubbing it with a diaper, so I enclosed the link to it on Gibson's site.

    I don't know if it will come up or not in the link but I got mine in the ocean blue color, and this baby screams, and is quite honestly thee best looking SG I've ever seen.

    I will love it and treasure it until my last breath, this is without a doubt the most beautiful guitar I've ever owned and it sound's even better than it looks.


    Considering I've owned other model SG's, Les Pauls, PRS's, Strats, Gibson ES models and so on, that's saying a lot.....will post real life pics soon as I can.

  3. Hello Gibson midtown owners! I got my Midtown standard about a month ago and I love it. The Midtown is unlike any other guitar, and I really like it's unique capabilities.

    I'm playing mine through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I'm not totally crazy about it, it's also 10 years old so I'm looking into a new amp. What are you playing your Midtown through and how do you like it?


    I play mine through a fender blues junior along with my pedal board that consists of my Morley wah and a variety of 5 different distortion pedals.

    Love the sounds I get through the combo of the blues junior and my grunge or screaming blues, coupled with using my wah as a tone control.....I get bluesy tones as well as raunchy rock tones, perfect for what I play..Allman brothers, Clapton, Stevie Ray, Skynyrd, Buddy Guy and so on.

  4. Hi there,


    I was recently selling my 2005 Gibson Explorer although I have received an offer of a straight swap for a 1988 Gibson SG Standard. As ever when I sell/swap something of value I want to make sure that everything is 100%. Can someone give me perhaps a ball park figure of what the value of the 1988 Gibson SG would be? And from what I can see in the photos the guitar looks well and legitimate although could someone with maybe a better eagle eye confirm this for me? I have 8 photo's so far although I could ask for more if need be.


    Cheers for helping!










    My brother has an 86 black standard and they put speed knobs on his, these knobs look more like there off an 81, condition is far from mint as well, again my brothers is a few years older and it looks brand new, this one has a lot of nicks and scratches.

    Makes me wonder how it was treated, but that's just me, I'm very particular about caring for my guitars.

  5. Hey guys i own a few Gibsons and one of the more recent ones came with that new Geforce tuning system and at first i thought it was really cool how fast it worked, i just selected the key of G for my tuning, then plucked each string and it tuned it in seconds.


    However just one week later i went to play again and the guitar didn't sound in tune, so i turned on the Geforce tuner, and tuned it again and it tuned it again just as fast, however each week it was the same story, it does not hold it's tune for long.


    Now i've had both standard Grovers and Gibson deluxe tuners that, as most of you know, you tune it maybe two three times a year, depending on your playing style or the temp condition of the room. well the bottom line is i recently had enough and swapped out my Geforce tuning system for some Gibson deluxe tuners, and i couldn't be happier.


    I know everyone's experience isn't the same, but in my local music store, they say the majority of players either try to order a guitar without it, or bring in their guitar to have the Geforce removed like i did, so maybe Gibson should re-think this thing...seems like most people aren't too thrilled with it.

  6. ... for like half the price. The quality is second to none, and the consistency puts Gibson to shame. But even though there are all kinds of options, not every conceivable option is available. There are limited neck/fretboard configurations available. Nitrocellulose finishes are not available. Carvin resale value is far lower. And there's still the problem that a Carvin is not a Gibson.


    My brother also recommended Carvin too, but the wait time can be as long as 3 months, and that much patience I just don't have.

  7. This is my post over at the PRS forums, just scroll down and the pic of my guitar I took is pictured here, the color is called orange tiger smoke burst.




    As for some other comments made here in my post at the Gibson forum, I am not a pouting teenager who didn't get what he wanted, i'm a 46 year old man with a wife and two kids who's been waiting for over 20 years to make a major guitar purchase like this and Gibson was my first choice, but they snubbed me and my money.


    As for their craftsmanship, nothing has changed i.m.o. over the years but I was willing to take a chance in order to get my dream Les Paul Standard, but they didn't want to be bothered. If I did get it and it had some kind of flaw it would've got sent back until they got it right.


    Luckily I don't have to worry about that with my PRS, it's perfect, just have a look for yourself.

  8. Hey Guy's, well a few weeks back when I was pondering whether to get a 2015 Les Paul standard or a 2015 PRS Custom 22, I just could not make up my mind.

    Since I wanted a solid body Les Paul (No Chambering or weight relief) with a new 2015 wider slim taper neck and burst bucker pro pickups, and no Geforce tuning system, I thought I would contact Gibson and ask the custom shop to alter their 2015 traditional model to suit my specs.


    I offered $5000 for them to merely change the neck profile, pickups and leave off the tuning system, and they told me "We're sorry our custom shop is not taking any orders right now, and we don't know when we'll be able to".

    Well that made up my mind for me, I then decided to order my new PRS Custom 22 and get a guitar with specs I actually want for my thousands of dollars.....and guess what? I've had the PRS for weeks now, and I can honestly say the sound and craftsmanship blows away anything Gibson has put out and currently puts out for the past 25 years til' today.

    I can say that because I have owned Gibson's in the past and they all had some cosmetic or electrical wiring flaw, due to their poor craftsmanship.

    I have never owned or played a guitar so beautiful looking and sounding in all my life as I have with this PRS, I was so impressed with it I sent a 5 paragraph thank you email to Paul Reed Smith himself for turning out such a top quality guitar with workmanship that Gibson has seemed to have forgotten all about.


    So since they obviously didn't need or want my money, In the end I am so glad they denied me the custom Les Paul, otherwise I might never have found the real superior guitar maker that is Paul Reed Smith, their attention to craftsmanship and detail is amazing, it is flawless and I will own it for the rest of my life.

    As for my old Gibson's they and their flaws were sold off years ago.....good riddance Gibson, and if you keep treating all your customers like you did me, then some day you won't have any.

  9. I have an update on my Zero Fret Nut issue. Gibson is takeing care of it by sending me a replacement nut assembly with an updated platting method that should eliminate the issue with the metal dust on the fretboard and grooves wearing into the Zero Fret Nut.


    Ok, well that's good news for you I suppose, but how many guitars are out there with this issue with the brass nut? and why should a person like me spend over $3500 and have to go through the hassle of contacting Gibson, removing my new strings and swapping out the nut for a replacement nut on a brand new $3500 guitar.


    Doesn't that sound a bit crazy to have to do that, I can understand someone like yourself that already purchased the guitar not knowing about this nut issue, but I am fully aware of it, and that doesn't make me too eager to hand over my money, just do go through another ordeal after receiving it.


    If Gibson made some kind of public announcement that they swapped out these nuts with the better replacements such as the one your getting, and I knew that they were already in stores then I would feel better about getting one, otherwise it looks like I might get a PRS.

  10. Have you thought about buying a nice second hand standard? There's plenty out there. One's without this G-Force and zero nut stuff, just regular standards.



    Well the thing is I've been waiting for this moment for some 20 odd years, and I don't want used anything, I want new, so if I could find an LP standard that fits my criteria of having the slim taper neck, burst buckers, tobacco or vintage burst....doesn't have to have coil tapping, but either way, I just don't want used.

  11. Drog mentioned this just a few minutes ago on the topic I started about the Zero Fret Nut. I will mention this to Gibson Monday when I talk with them about my 2015 Gibson Les Paul Classic to see if they are upgrading there replacement Zero fret nut. Here is what Drog poster.. ( I had mentioned this issue before. There is a 2015 demo guitar in store that gets played daily, it has string marks into the "zero fret". It seems the brass Gibson is using is too soft, IMO. This guitar "zero fret" was smooth when it first arrived into that store).


    Sorry man, but now i'm more leery than ever about buying a 2015 LP standard, i'm leaning towards a new PRS now.

    I would be freaking out if I spent over $3000 and something like this happened I would be so pissed beyond belief i'd probably demand a refund from Gibson.

  12. I'm about to purchase a new 2015 Les Paul standard, but I have concerns about the metal dust residue I've heard about from the tuning friction of the Geforce and the brass nut.

    Plus i'm wondering about the battery life on the Geforce tuner, and how easy it is to buy and replace?


    Does anyone know about either of these issues? Please let me know because, if the nut is going to need constant replacement, like even one every year or every other year, and the Geforce tuner battery likewise replacement, then it could be deal breaker for me.


    So please let me know.

  13. All very nice looking and sounding guitars, I discovered Dagmar just over a year ago, so I contacted them about their prices, and the guitars starting prices were $8000.00.


    So I replied to him and reminded him that such world famous guitar makers like Fender, Gibson and PRS or Rickenbacker can all be gotten for thousands less, but he stated how his were innovative and custom, and unique.


    All true but not worth $8000.00 to me, someone else might feel differently but not me.

  14. I'll echo most of what Ryan said. I've played more Les Pauls and PRS' than I can count. I have never found any PRS to have any flaw in it. Yet even the two Les Pauls I decided to buy (after a very extended search) have minor flaws. It's nothing major though; a paint bleed or file mark. I got the 25th Anniversary Custom 24, which I ordered from the HOG sight unseen. It came flawless as expected.


    The pickups in my Custom 24 are the 57/08. Tim (R9 who was an old member here) recommended them to me because they do have a fatter sound than the normal PRS pickups. These are the same ones on the current Custom 22.


    I absolutely love both the my Les Pauls and the PRS. Honestly I don't like the 2015 Les Paul, which has already been discussed ad nauseum here. Even with all the bells and whistles on the 2015 Les Paul I still believe that you'll get more tones out of the PRS. I would take some serious time trying out both under all conditions you'd encounter in your style. When I did that the PRS came out ahead of my Les Pauls but not by much. The other thing I love about the PRS is its whammy bar. I work it pretty hard and it's steady as a rock. For example, I use it on Rush's Digital Man, which gets a lot of work especially in the solo. But it has never gone out of tune.


    I get what your saying, I do, but I have to get the most bang for my buck, both guitars are pleasing to the eye, and have phenomenal fat, warm tones, but with the new innovations on the Les Paul and value increase as years go on.

    I have to go with the Les Paul Standard, hopefully one day i'll be able to make the PRS the second dream guitar when finances allow,, but for a first time dream guitar purchase, I can't pass up the new LP standard.

  15. I may have missed something in my reading, but the big question I have is...


    Have you played one of both? Guitars can be fickle at times, and nobody will be able to tell you what works for you better than hands/ears on experience. There's no better way to figure it out. It's usually worth it to make the trek out to a shop to give it a whirl, and even if you decide you made the right initial call, you've got yourself some peace of mind.


    We all have certain preferences, but the way my fingers work on my Strat is a hell of a lot different than my Les Paul, or even more drastically my Cordoba (which is my main guitar nowadays). It's all subject to the person, even the specific guitar.


    I have played Les Pauls, and I have played SE PRS's but not the Custom 22, both played nice but the slim neck of the Les Paul felt better in my hands.

  16. Well thanks for all the input guy's, and I've weighed all the pro's and con's of both guitars, from features to construction and price, and I've decided to go with the 2015 Gibson Les Paul Standard, it just offers a lot more improvements and innovations to ignore, and it's only $200 more than PRS's Custom 22 which features have not really changed over recent years.


    Plus Gibson is in that same unique bubble as Fender where their guitars not only hold their value, but the value goes up as years go by, PRS's drop in value as soon as they leave the store, and continue to decline as years go by.....Heard it from a retail owners mouth myself.


    So thanks again for all your advice, i'll share pics of the new setup when it arrives

  17. Here's my $0.02...


    Gibson is a good brand. They make good guitars. Sometimes Great guitars, but those normally come at a premium (Read: Custom Shop).


    PRS is a great brand. They make great guitars. Normally Fantastic guitars, but most of their Core guitars are in the upper-range of the Gibson offerings in terms of price.


    I've never played a PRS that felt bad, or sounded bad. The attention to detail is second-to-none. The finishes are flawless. They come perfectly set up. They stay in tune. And although I change pickups in every guitar I buy, the pickups and electronics that come in them are fantastic. They also come with really nice cases, and customer service can hardly be matched for a "big" guitar company.


    Now Gibson...I've played Gibsons that were hardly playable, even after a good setup. I've played ones that just sounded dead, unplugged or plugged in. Finish inconsistencies, buildup around the neck joint and bleed into the binding..it's something I've come to accept on most Gibsons. Tuning is hit-or-miss (no wonder they started puttong Min-Etune/G-Force on them..). Pickups are normally pretty good at best, passable at worst. Not a fan of PCB's in guitars, so that's a negative. Cases this year are some weird molded plastic thing. Customer service can be hit and miss, but is normally decent.


    In summary, if I was interested in a Core Line PRS of any model, I wouldn't have a second thought about buying one sight-unseen; they're so consistent, they're the only electric guitar brand other than something like Musicman that I know would play and sound fantastic.


    Gibson, I would have to play it and find one that works.


    If you've got the money, go for the PRS CU22. You won't be disappointed. I've played many at my local guitar shop (biggest PRS dealer in Canada) and I've never been disappointed.




    Wow, all very good points Ryan, and I know about those Gibson inconsistencies you speak of, I for one hate to spend thousands of dollars on a " NEW " guitar and then find cosmetic or structural flaws.


    You've definitely given me some food for thought, thank you for your input, I just wish that the Gibson that made my brothers 1984 SG was the Gibson of today, because it is beautiful and flawless...and unless I am physically able to pull a Gibson Les Paul from guitar center's warehouse and look at it and play it I can't trust that ordering one online will be in flawless condition.


    However Guitar center doesn't allow that, they prefer you buy the one off the wall, and I never buy guitars off the wall because, those to me are not new, they've been picked up and played by countless customers...and that's not new, so I have serious thinking to do...Thanks again Ryan.

  18. Hey Guy's, I realize i'm in a Gibson forum, but I was hoping some die hard lovers of the guitar in general could give me some honest opinions.

    I'm finally able to afford to get my dream guitar and i'm kind of stuck and just can't decide between the 2015 LP standard or the 2015 PRS Custom 22.


    I know I want the mahogany maple combo and slim profile neck, which both have, and i'm well aware of all the new bells and whistles the 2015 Les Paul has with the adjustable brass nut, and removable pick guard, the wider neck, the adjustable bridge while tuned....as for coil taps both PRS and the LP have it, and the Geforce tuning on the LP .is nice but not a decision maker for me.


    I really prefer the double cut guitars, SG's, Strat's, PRS and so on but I need that mahogany & maple combo and I don't like the cherry finish on the new LP double cut, so i'm torn between the PRS custom 22 and the Les Paul standard.


    I play blues rock mostly, Clapton, Allman Brothers, Gary Moore, Skynyrd, Buddy Guy, sometimes Guns n Roses, but I love and prefer the fat warm sound that comes from the combo of mahogany, maple and humbuckers.


    Plus I should say I really dislike weight relieved guitars and most of Gibsons Les Pauls are weight relieved, except the Traditional model, but this years Traditional does not come with a slim Taper neck, so that's out.


    Sorry for the long read but I would appreciate some unbiased, honest opinions and why you feel like you do about your guitar of choice.....thank you for any help you can offer.

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