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  1. It's going to be the root beer Les Paul standard http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2014/Les-Paul-Standard-Plus.aspx If this link doesn't bring up the exact color, the root beer color choice is there to select. I will post pics once i can put it down long enough to do so.
  2. YESSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!! I can barely contain myself i'm finally getting the guitar of my dreams in mere weeks, the 2014 Les Paul Standard Plus. WOW!!!!! i can't believe it, all i can say is this guitar will be played constantly, cared for, treasured and passed on to my son in 30 years or so. Let it remind him that if you practice long enough, and work hard enough, and scrimp and save for what you want, you can obtain the most sought after things you most desire. Hopefully he'll value such things as family, friends, health, home and happiness first and foremost, and then the
  3. Exactly what i said, you get to play it all night at gigs, probably multiple times a week too, so you were able to get used to the weight in no time. I on the other hand am lucky if i get to play once a week or once every other week, because i have to wait for the wife and kids to goto my in-laws to do laundry, so i can set up everything in my living room and play. Since they are only gone a few hours, i only get two hours of play time...max, then i have to pack up my equipment and put it away until the following week. So i don't really have that break in period i need to get used to the
  4. I just had the exact one trans black finish and all and the guitar was flawless, in appearance, playability and sound. However it was also 100% solid wood,no chambering or weight relief, and 20 years ago that would've been perfect but now-a-days i'm 44 years old,with a wife and 2 kids, and i only get like 1 day a week to play, and it's just not enough for me to be able to adjust to the weight, i literally had to take aspirin or ibuprofen if i played for 2 hours or more. Nobody was more broken hearted than me but i had to return it, and since it was within the 30 day window i was able t
  5. Hey guy's i have my 2011 Alienware M14-X Mars Red laptop for sale on craigslist right now and i was looking to put the money towards a Gibson SG, however if someone here has one in mint condition and your interested in trading for this nice gaming laptop....i would love to see pics of the guitar for a possible trade. Below is a link to my craigslist post of the computer with pictures, specs and all included, please take a look for yourself, if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks. http://longisland.craigslist.org/sys/3326975304.html
  6. Please see revised post.
  7. Well i had a new SG standard in ebony that i bought back in 96 and all the bells and whistles of the crown inlays and binding, with chrome pickup covers were meaningless because of such disappointments like the nut alignment with the binding being off center, and the lack of flushness with the binding to the neck, just soured me on the construction quality of the SG standard, i eventually got rid of it. I recently got the Gibson SG Faded in worn brown, and it's far better looking as far as quality construction goes, and no binding on the neck. means no binding ever to wear down unevenly or
  8. Well i had a feeling that some die hard Les Paul fans would retaliate with calling me a " troll " but to bash the construction of a strat and compare it to todays Gibsons is ridiculous. My brother has a gorgeous Black 84 Gibson SG Standard with white triple ply binding around the 60's slim taper neck, a bone nut, Gibson 498 and 500 P.A.F pickups, copper shielded chambers, jack on the side with " metal " jack plate, solid honduran mahogany neck and body...it is truly flawless. When that guitar was put next to my former 2011 Les Paul, the comparison in material and craftsmanship was a jo
  9. Now before you guy's jump all over me, give me a chance to explain. Well i've been playing guitar for nearly 25 years, and ever since i first learned about all the different types of guitars from my older brother, who's been playing nearly 40 years, i fell in love with 2 types of guitars the Fender Strat and the Gibson Les Paul. Truth be told i loved the Les Paul a little more, well i was one of those many guy's who went to the music stores and tried his dream guitars like strats and les pauls for years, and last year i finally got the money together to buy my dream Les Paul. Howev
  10. Well what i use with my Les Paul is the Fender Blues Junior 3 which has 2 12AX7 and 2 EL84's Tubes, Spring Reverb, a Fat Switch for extra gain, tone, middle, reverb, volume and master volume controls with 15 watts of power through a 12-inch lightning bolt Fender speaker. I love the way my Les Paul sounds with it, and i play primarily blues rock through it, and it has the fat woman tone i love so much.....try it out in your local music store it retails for $500.00 i think you'll really like it.
  11. Well my new Midnight Manhattan Blue Burst Gibson Les Paul Classic has arrived, and it is PERFECT....i thoroughly went over the guitar and everything is in mint looking and sounding condition.....i couldn't be happier. As soon as i get a chance i'll post some pics.
  12. I would have checked one at Guitar center's store but they didn't have any in there warehouse, and i don't buy new guitars off the wall. If i'm paying that much money, i'm not getting a guitar that people played 100-times and marked up with nicks and scratches. Besides this one is coming from Guitar Center's storage facility in Lenexa Kansas, thats where they ship from when ordering either online or through the store.
  13. Hey guys Yup i bought a new Les Paul classic from Guitar Center and it shows up with the plastic border around the pickup broken at the set screw, so when you slightly touched that side of the pickup it sank down into the chamber where the set screw went into the plastic. If that wasn't bad enough there was a 3-inch scratch through the clear coat along the side of the guitar by the jack. Believe me if it were only the plastic ring around the pickup i would've replaced it, no problem, but once i spotted that scratch, i knew i had to return it for a replacement. Hey i guess these
  14. Macmutt


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  15. Just Lemon oil or Fast Fret, i use Fast Fret because it was made to be applied with the strings on...give it time it will absorb and darken up.
  16. Hey man nice guitar, very nice, but i think you should take a bit more pride in owning a Gibson, i mean the guitar had blemishes and finger prints all over it, and lots of scratches on the headtstock. It wouldn't take that long to give the guitar a quick wipe down with a cloth after playing, and just be a little more careful around the headstock when changing the strings. No offense intended just a friendly suggestion, we all need to baby these beauties so they last as long as possible.
  17. You can try removing the back plate to the pots chamber and spraying a can of spray air to clean out any dirt or dust in the pots. Also if your using an older cable you might want to try retightening the cable at the tip, chances are it might be loose and not making a proper connection when plugged into the guitar or amp, happened to me once. If all else fails i would try your local guitar shop for a repair, if you take the time and expense to ship it back to Gibson, it could take a lot longer until you get it back, from what i hear there really busy these days.
  18. Yeah man both guitars look nice, not a fan of the heritage cherry though, but the wine red is pretty sweet. As for the fretboards, ebony is nice but really hard, i just ordered my Les Paul Classic with the baked maple fretboard, and alot of people have been freakin' out about it. It's not the big deal everyone makes it out to be, it's harder than rosewood but softer than ebony, so it really has a nice feel.
  19. Hey Man I was upset too, when i first heard about the chambering and weight relieved Les Paul's, but to be honest the weight relieved model's are a lot closer to the original models that you can get. Chambered as you said have these big routed chambers in the mahogany part of the guitar, but the weight relieved models just have a group of holes drilled out of the mahogany part of the body, so it's quite a bit heavier. I was finally in the market for a Gibson Les Paul, after getting the money together, i discovered this weight relieving and chambering stuff, so at first i was so put
  20. Hey man gorgeous guitar but i don't know that i would put a gorgeous beauty like that up against some bushes and chance scratching the finish....but hey everyone takes care of there things differently i guess, enjoy.
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