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  1. Hi.I have just launched a not for profit group called
  2. OK...finally feeling pretty good with my EP Love Forever...trying to grow as a songwriter...feedback would be much appreciated! Love Forever ep by Gullwing Music
  3. Before: After: Nearly done!! Goal/Inspiration: Finished polishing with Rubbing Compound, Swirl removal and 3M Finishing.
  4. OK! Feeling really good. Major progress on the finish. I am going to still do some work, but hit it with 3 products...great shine!
  5. I am using 3M Rubbing compound followed by Auto Swirl remover. Then the 3M Finish. I am using microfiber covered pads...I do not have a drill system. Thanks for the advice! I believe this is a 2 beer assignment vs a quick 1 beer assignment!
  6. OK. quick update. Sorry for the delay...had to let the paint dry. SO I have started sanding: 600/ 800/ 1000. I plan to us 3 M Finishing Finesse It! I think I need to use a swirl remover first. Anyone out there - can you advise how best to proceed once I finish the 1000 sanding?
  7. Hey all wet sanding has begun. 3M Finishing product in the mail!! Really excited. In the meantime, check out my little ditty: written and performed onmy Gretsch... Gretsch Tune.. Influenced by the Beatles. Been told it sounds like Sloan and the Dandy Warhols... Pix coming soon of the Epi!!!
  8. Oh boy...I just got a G5122 Gretsch from my dad for my 40th....dang!!
  9. Given that I added the Gibson crown to my headstock, I am leaning to the ES 335 PRO Epiphone tuners...the Wilkinson's. Anyone used these? Are they as good as Grovers Rotomatics as far as staying in tune goes?
  10. Lots of drama. I have not glued the logo on yet. Just tossed it on for the photo!
  11. Check out the amazing harness from Mojotone vs the basic harness that came with it. Note the oil capacitor and the vintage braided wires!
  12. I think its a little dry from the tape...I plan to oil it down when I am all finished.
  13. Paint done. Now its time to wait. Here are a few pix... No sanding done...that comes in 4 weeks.
  14. HAHA...not much to show...was going to take a few picks of my new harness...but they shipped the wrong one. Right now it is the fine details...all pics would look the same... But thanks for the ongoing interest. BTW - my next project is going to be to restore a vintage Vespa scooter...
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