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  1. Great work Dodger, and good on you for having the guts to put your stuff out there!!
  2. I'll be going into my local store (GuitarGuitar in Glasgow) next week so hopefully will get a chance to have a play at both guitars, although they only seem to have the 220SCE in stock. I don't want a cutaway as I think it spoils the look of an acoustic IMO I'm interested to hear the difference in tone between the Solid Sitka Spruce of the 220S and the Select (Laminate) Spruce of the J45.
  3. There is a competition on the Epiphone website to win a Masterbilt AJ-45. My entry has been submitted!!!
  4. I have been looking at these two guitars in particular for my next purchase, I'm in the market for a new acoustic and these were the two I have narrowed it down to in my price range. I already own a Vintage Sunburst EJ-200 so was looking at the 220S in Natural which I think is beautiful, if I went for the J45 I'm not sure what colour I would opt for
  5. Bumper sticker is proudly on my guitar case!!!
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