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  1. well this is a real pickle we have landed ourselves in. and no mistake. Mr. Frodo.

  2. my first guitars were borrowed from right handed players and I am lefthanded. come to find out a few others did the same so I joined their club.
  3. I can hear sloop , sang along to that one a hundred times but cant recall All summer long . did you like the kingston trio?
  4. remind me nver play whos that band with you[smile]
  5. Im gonna say this go happier .WE all know how hard and confusing and complex life is. I want to go someplace else in my music. Go simpler and use less words, but be more direct and compelling. bring the wocals up and add more other voices to the harmony. again take us to our happy place. good luck better than I could do..
  6. was that on a 45 or 66 oops where did 33 go?
  7. which one of the beatles are they friends with? Paul ? THE BEATLES
  8. sgt peppers lonely hearts club band and I sang my heart out to each and every song many times
  9. An artist has the liberty to set the stage for the enjoyment of his performance. Perhaps Ottmar was using this to enhance the response to his performance. maybe he doesnt considered it at all and just want to be personally comfortable to play his best. I wasnt personally repelled by this at all , just thought it was a curious artist thingy. I love this Artists music and he is coming close to my city in may. At a very small venue for a very good price. I hope things go right for me and I will find out in person if his feet are showing. ps how would you rate picking your nose in public? higher or lower[laugh]
  10. suprize it not electric. nice . maybe I will get one someday, I like the wide necks. I will check out your links later. see what your up too there. yeah that classical thread is a great listen , inspired me to remember my love for Ottmar and post it
  11. have a great Sunday matt I also would like to see your brazilian rosewood guitar with the really hi dollar tuners. If you have a spare moment.
  12. name the band toe jam . still smiling thanks[biggrin]
  13. perhaps this one enters into the realm of museum quality.. too nice too valuable one of a kind must be preserved and enjoyed only with the eyes and heart.. or if your really loaded maybe not.
  14. yes It is wonderful. I should of said that in my post and also probably dont play it.. right?
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