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  1. Personally, I do like the walnut stringer on the J-15. As DenverSteve says, it gives it character. The maple on it's own is a bit light and the grain isn't super prominent so it would almost look cheaper to me if they hadn't fancied it up like that. Now, if they had say mismatched the grain in the neck so one side runs perpendicular to the other, yeah that'd look super cheap and thrown together, but it's not, at least on mine.
  2. My Dove is a 5 piece neck. Flamed maple with two darker wood stringers. Not sure what kind of wood.
  3. I've been away a long time. OP, I've had one for about a year and a half, I think. I like it. My other acoustic is a Dove. I'd say the Dove is more even and "sweet" sounding whereas the J-15 seems much more scooped and assertive sounding to my ears with emphasis on the low end. Not better or worse, just very different. And that's fine, I'd hate to spend that kind of money and everything's the same. I don't have a J-45 for comparison. I ended up sanding the saddle down on mine. It was playable just fine but I thought I'd try to get it lower and it turned out, I could lower it substantially. It's right at that point now where if I get careless with humidification the high register chokes out, but man is it nice to play. I was floored at how affordable it was given it was a domestic manufacture guitar made of solid woods with a gloss lacquer finish, not to mention how powerful it sounds and how well it sustains. Thumbs up in my humble book. And yeah, IIRC, the theme with this guitar was all North American woods, so spruce top, maple neck, walnut everything else.
  4. Wow, nice looking stands! Wish I had disposable cash these days :)
  5. The majority of mine aren't made anymore (sometimes the model is still made but not in the finish I own). But rather than post a wall of photos I'll try and limit myself to the ones actually classified as les pauls and discontinued: 2005 LP Deluxe (non chambered, the "Les Paul Model" overlay is really really faint for some reason, almost transparent) 2007 GOTW LP Money Bass 2008 LP Robot 2009 LP Junior Robot Other Gibby's I wouldn't be able to easily find replacements for: A couple GOTW Explorer Pros, a GOTW Explorer with Vibrola, and explroer and flying v in natural finish, reverse flying V (first run), and I don't know if the vintage burst SG I just picked up is going to stick around for a while. The rest I can still get.
  6. I didn't have an original for reference, but the reissue was pretty freakin heavy. Like non weight relieved les paul heavy.
  7. Real beaut! I think I might have looked at a wiring diagram for one a few years ago and I am definitely not an electrician. I was back at that store earlier this week but I opted to take home my first SG instead. Tone and other appeal aside, I have enough back-killing guitars already, hahaha.
  8. I'd love to pick one up some day, but it was never the highest on my priority list and i fear with used prices doing what they have been the last few years, and other things I need to take care of, I may not get one. I did get an opportunity to pcik up one of the new ones in the shop a month or so ago. I was looking at SG's but my sales guy pointed out the L6-S and the LP Classic Customs to me as well. Another difference I noticed was the vintage model was equipped with that harmonica bridge.and grovers with metal keystone buttons, and I think they may have had a volute on the neck? I did a bunch of research maybe 4 or 5 eyars ago, this is all stuff I read on the interwebz, but apparently when Bill Lawrence was working for Gibson back in the 70's they asked him to make a new model but were very particular about price point/budget. The original had HB's in it that he designed, I don't recall their specs, but they had covers without cutouts for adjustable pole pieces. Later on, the midnight special version was introduced as a simplified version along. The other two differed in that they had a 6 way rotary switch or a 3 way toggle. I don't remember all the dates and stuff anymore but Iv'e seen vintage ones with both maple and rosewood boards and with dot and sometimes small block inlays. When I started price hunting used ones on fleabay maybe 5 eyars ago or so, they were running about 600 or so for one in great shape, now i see people all the time asking a grand or more for ones that are pretty banged up. The one I looked at in the store was very heavy and solid feeling. You could probably drive railroad spikes with it. Very pale blond color, I imagine after a year or two, the nitro will start to yellow up nicely and within a few years it'll have that nice golden color to it. I did not play it, as I said, I was looking for SG's, btu as stated above, there were some minor changes to the original, nothing major. I wouldn't expect them to go to challer or whoever their vendor was and re-source a part that's been out of spec like the bridge for a gutiar that is not in their custom shop price range. I think the street price on it was 1699 or 1799 USD. *oh, and I don't think TP-6's were stock, but they're fun so if you like it, it's all good :)
  9. The features look the same as the stock USA model. Perhaps it's a misprint on their part. Event he Gibson USA flying V isn't really a 67 reissue in the truest sense, it's more a modern interpretation of the 67 body style (as opposed to the 58 body style) than anything else. I've seen the stock model referred to as a Flying V, a V Factor X, and a 67 flying v.
  10. Sure, she's all yours. You can do anything you want!
  11. Does this count or does it belong with the robots? I changed out the knobs, added pointers and a bracketless pickguard. Pretty tame as far as mods go, but I think it helped the looks ;)
  12. Here's mine. Only P90 axe I have right now, and it didn't really need to be a robot, but the price was a steal and I dig the sound.
  13. Back... and worse than ever.

  14. You're preaching to the choir, bud. I'm just too clingy to get rid of the old ones when I do that.

  15. Hey nazzer! Looks like we're both horribly out of date with our avatar pics on this board, haha.

  16. Still oxidizing carbon...

  17. This isn't a personal shot, but I've always looked at artificial relicing as being akin to forging a resume (so I don't do it). The nicer way to look at it is like stonewashing jeans. But I think in some respects, they age fairly quickly on their own these days. I smoke but I make it a point not to around my Gibby's, still the clear coat visibly yellowed on a few of mine after a year or two. Not a bad look, but it surprised me a little. I have couple noticeable cracks that showed up in my 339 in roughly the same amount of time (I'm careful but the heat in my house does get set back during the work day). So these things will happen on their own and it may not even take forever to happen.
  18. haven't played around with the dirty fingers yet. I'm not much of a modder by nature. I found with the 500t set I could get a nice bite to them by dropping them a bit to lower the output and it was a decent tone, but I liked the mids on the 57's better once I tried them.
  19. First time I got to try out 57's in an exp was when i got that gotw one with the vibrola. That running through my marshall is my perfect tone. Ever. So much so I bought a second exp pro expressly to swap out the pups. In a review I posted on another site a while ago, I liken it to if the 496/500T is a smokin' flamethrower, the 57/57+ set turn it into a howitzer. That was pretty much the sensation I got playig them side by side. I haven't tried the BB's yet, but the 57's were much much more articulate and had a fuller, punchier sound that was quite startling a contrast to me.
  20. I use schallers on all mine. I just use the screw that comes with the locks for the back strap button. works fine even though it looks smaller. On the front button The screw that came with the gutiar threads through the lock fine for me.
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