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  1. Love my 2011 Classic Custom, too!!! They typically listed for around ~$1600 when new and in production depending on where you lived and when you bought it. Yours being unplayed I would agree with the others.
  2. First of all, what guitar is the best is going to be subjective to each person. IMHO, you've already got one of the better guitars around. I LOVE Norlin LP's, and the T-top pick ups are the best to be had. The other guitars you've tried are good guitars, but I think your Standard is the better guitar. Hold on to it!!!!
  3. I like the idea of having a nut that's adjustable just like with the bridge and stop bar. Like any changes some things don't work out on the first generation. If it gets worked out so that it's reliable and durable that would be a very good thing.
  4. I'm a little late seeing this one. Congratulations!!! That is just one awesome looking instrument. Love the top on yours! I stumbled across a 2008 CS356 about a year and a half ago (pretty much the same guitar as your CS336), and it's a model I didn't even know was around. I picked it up and started playing it and was immediately hooked and had to buy it. That's cool that you got your pick ups custom wound. The range of your pick ups is right in line with the old Tim Shaw pick ups from the early/mid 80's. Enjoy it!!! HNGD (two months old, anyway)!!! :)
  5. I'm kind of on the fence with this. Do you have a pic that has better focus and with the light reflecting off the fret board? Rosewood has far more visible pores than ebony. You could also make a quick visit to any local music store and look closely at any guitar they have with a rosewood and ebony fret board for a comparison.
  6. I have richlite on one of my Martin acoustic guitars that I bought in 2010, and I love it! It's very dense and smooth, and string bends are a breeze! Tone-wise, good luck trying to attribute any difference to tone, especially with an electric guitar. If there's going to be any problems with tone it would be more readily noticeable on an acoustic guitar, and I sure don't hear any. It's a great fret board material.
  7. I believe the Elites had Shaws, too, then other models got them later on. The earliest I've seen are a pair of pick ups date stamped May 1st and the other May 6th 1980. They have the T-top bobbin, white spacers, black and white wiring, etc. They are installed on a Standard which is very unusual.
  8. If some folks want to believe that all Shaws had inked stamps on them, that's their problem. There are also what are called transitional Shaws that have the old T-top bobbins that some folks want to deny exist, but they do exist. These were very early Shaw pick ups. There's just too many characteristics that you've mentioned about your pick ups to deny they are Shaws, IMHO. The Ohm reading and white spacers are a big factor that you can not ignore. While some other things may vary about Shaws like not having the ink stamp on the later Shaws and the T-top bobbin on early Shaws, the Ohm reading and white spacers have always been consistent from what I've seen in every Shaw regardless of when it was made. These pick ups can vary in asking price around the $200-$300 range. Like all things, though, the price goes nowhere but up with time, and as you found out, their tone rocks, too! If you ever get a chance to play a Norlin era Les Paul with its original T-top pick ups, do it!!! IMHO, the T-top pick ups are the best to be had, they just smoke!!!
  9. Agreed that they are Shaw pick ups, too. The later Shaws had no ink stamp on the base plate, just the stamped patent number. The white spacers, black and white wiring, rough texture magnet, and the ohm reading you gave are more indications they are Shaws. Hold on to these pick ups if you ever change them for something different. I have an 85 LP Custom with Shaws, too. It has no ink stamp on the base plate and the ohm reading is very close to yours as well.
  10. If you can find one, snag it! These 359's are really fantastic instruments. Second hand 359's typically don't stick around for long unless they are way over priced. I got lucky and found one just as it arrived at the store and was put up for sale.
  11. I love the 490/498 pick up combo in my SG Standard, especially when I want to play some hard rock tunes. It just smokes through my DSL. For a LP and my ES guitars Classic 57's are my first choice for pick ups.
  12. I just love that subtle flamed top you got on your 359!!!! These 359's just kick butt, they are awesome instruments!
  13. JM2112


    Don't know why anyone would under rate a 347, it's an awesome instrument. While it's purely subjective to the individual, I would venture to say that those who may not like them are in the minority. As long as the instrument is in good condition and you agree with the price, I would say go for it!
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