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  1. Thats what she said (the thread title) hehe
  2. Ok 1 comment. That song could be 100 times better by just removing or turning that banjo down a bit. It dominates the song. I would say just remove it.
  3. Hi I am interested in picking up a guitar. The serial number is 06206254. I cant seem to determine the date it was made. The person claims it is a 70s. It has MELODY MAKER MADE IN USA stamped right above the number which looks correct but the number doesnt seem to match right to guides I found. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Just wanna make sure its legit first
  4. Guitar Dater Project thinks its a 70-72 http://www.guitardaterproject.org/gibson.aspx
  5. Some people say that theres a stagehand to blame. But i know its his own damn fault. Doh! Too soon?............. Oh hush that was funny
  6. Wow Jim Martins kid! Rock on with that V. Make dad proud! Hehe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CueXIqpzl8
  7. You want it allllllllllllllll but you can't have it! \:D/
  8. Panties in a bunch? Spread hate? His post couldnt have been more tame. Does that comment really get to you? Can you really not handle something other then aboslute adoration for one of your guitar idols? Wow, some people are very sensitive. Phewee. I dunno maybe you were kidding. I hope so
  9. Lol i love ppl who act all high-brow about Jackass, like they are too good to watch it. Ppl need to lighten up. I bet alot of them watched The 3 Stooges. That was basically early 20th century Jackass
  10. I buy for tone and playability first. I struggle with necks which is why i haved more to the PRS. Looks are my last concern. BUT it must meet a minimal standard looks wise. I know I am no good on electric but i got the Mira for a good price so why not have a great guitar that inspires u to play better? Thats what matters. Inspiration. Inspiration = motivation = results. Thats how i see it
  11. I just love people who say "The Edge isnt technically brilliant" or "he's not a technically gifted player". Why, because he doesnt shred on his albums? The fact that he DOESN'T play blistering fast riffs doesnt mean he CAN'T. Have any of you in here sat down with Edge and said "play this Malmsteen song (or whatever shred) and SAW him physically fail to play it? i didnt think so. People really love to make judgements without all the facts. If you dont like the music, thats fine and thats an "educated" OPINION. Saying he isnt technically great is a factless assumption.
  12. You - Pearl Jam Go - Pearl Jam WMA - Pearl Jam You - Radiohead 40 - U2 MLK - U2
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