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  1. A few of the guys wanted to know how had I hooked my ES-355 up to go from Stereo to Mono without modifying the guitar and here is a video explaining how I plug it in.
  2. I picked up a 1964 Fender Princeton for about $650 in 2004. I have been really happy with the tone and size of the amp. Its got enough power to play with a drum kit but it sounds good at low volume too. It is good for home recording as well. I got the Princeton not the Princeton Reverb. I would like to have the one with reverb but it will be a lot more money than your price range. http://www.blueguitarmusic.com/images/Inventory%20Pics/PrinceRev67.jpg For something more modern check out the Fender Hot Rod series. I have played with the Hot rod and Hot rod Deville. The Blues Jr is in your price range and has some good features. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Hot-Rod-Series-Blues-Junior-15W-1x12-Tube-Guitar-Combo-Amp-481861-i1392207.gc I have a Vox AC-30 that sounds great too. Check out the new AC-15 I haven't played it but it should be really good and the price has come way down. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Vox-Custom-Classic-AC15CC1-15w-1x12-Tube-Guitar-Combo-Amp-103635231-i1145854.gc Your better off to wait and buy a good tube amp then to make a snap decision and waist your 500 bucks on something that is not going to be a long term investment.
  3. I have a '78 ES-355 and I find that a simple fix is to plug a stereo (ring, tip, sleeve) to double mono (tip, sleeve) 1/4" cable in to the guitar then plug the two mono ends in to a 1/4" stereo "Y" (2 female stereo inputs and 1 ring, tip, sleeve) then plug the "Y" into your pedal board or amp. Use high quality adapters. I I have gold ones. I know this sounds like a mess but it works and as far as I can tell I do not have a loss in tone or signal strength. I have done several tests to make sure I am not losing tone and I have had a few other people do a blind A/B and they could not tell the difference. I post a pic if this does not make sense.
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