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  1. Rabs i can make damn near anything you can show me out of canvas,but a guitar from scratch ?? That is above my talent level i admit openly and honestly.The body i think i could do, but my fears would be how does the trussrod get in there? What do you use to cut the fret notches? What do you do to ensure neck straightness before,during and after curing? I admire your courage to try such a project !! If you need a canvas bag to hold all the parts when you get peeved and decide to do a Paul Stanley or Pete Townsend slam from mississippi,gimme a shout.Seriously,i wish you all the luck in the world man.
  2. Even "being" a KISS fan,i get tired of hearing about them in every single thread,they had thier day,those days are over,let it go for the love of all things sacred.Must they continously be brought up and compared to every fashion of music? Can others have the freedom of speaking about music w/out the mention of KISS everytime someone takes a breath? Seriously
  3. Being happy for a forum member getting new gear > turning his NAD thread into an open debate about how your tone is better than someone elses.Congrats again cookie,it looks right at home with the strat beside it.
  4. I do like it ES,i have a solid black schecter omen6 <cheapy> i use it for the drop d songs,i'm thinking of covering it w/ some nice pin-up stickers,or family guy stickers,regardless of the finished product,i can always rip em off and throw em away.Nice guitar !!
  5. Awesome Cookie,how does the new amp sound? and how much did she set ya back if ya dont mind sharing? She looks great...both of them !!
  6. LOL Buxom, what is it w/ the younger generation losin thier mind over someone else's music taste or opinions? At the end of the day,there will be music played of every genre by numerous age groups,some laid back,some screaming till thier jugulars pop out thier necks,there is no wrong music,just the people that criticize others taste or lack thereof because others dont think like they do.As ive told you before,i personally cuss like a sailor in RL,but there is no place for that here,i thought the metallica/beatles convo was a perfect example??????
  7. Nice way to start the morning,never heard the song before or the artist,thanks for turnin me on to him. My g/f took me to see this guy couple yrs back,really enjoyed the show and the quality of all the musicians was %110. I can honestly say this was the first concert ive ever been to that didnt include a distorted guitar.
  8. If you are handy w/ tools and dont mind a challenge,you can take out the screws from the outside of the case that hold that brace in place,peel back the liner material at the top of the brace,shave the brace to your liking with a utility knife,carefully reglue the liner,cutting off any excess liner material,reinstall the screws,end of prob.Grats on the case.
  9. This guy's pretty good,awesome live. Also Alex VH, and Neil Peart.
  10. Messin round getting to know the G-DEC amp,this beat along with the bass riff "in E" is the first backing riff when you cut the amp on,it has a 26 second looper,so i threw in some D and E chords on the looper,grabbed a camera,it is what it is.Maybe this will inspire some others to record. http://s1164.photobucket.com/albums/q561/mikekefr/?action=view&current=gdecjam002.mp4 Next vid i make will be w/ the Gretsch !!
  11. Looks awesome Sada,congrats on the new bling !!
  12. Impressive guys !! Tman,is that red git a schecter? if she plays like my c-1 i know you're lovin her.Bigk nice gretsch,i have her sister !! that tan/gold flametop is beautiful. Rabs the goldtop,one word, hot hot hot !! Searcy,you built those? I admire your talent/skill level.
  13. I own 2 Epi's ,the Ace Frehley model which is just sweet all the way around,and a cheaper model Epi lp special 2,which i got what i paid for when i bought a scratch and dent combo kit at MF,the smallest amp i owned was a crate combo so i opted to buy a tobacco sunburst Epi lp w/ the gig bag and Epi practice amp so i could jam in my bedroom w/out luggin the 80lb. combo down the hall.The kit was total $160 so if i chose to upgrade the p'ups im sure it's be fine,but for now its a beater,as well as a future project.I wouldnt shy away from the name imho.
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