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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for the help, it’s very kind of you guys to put the time into helping out a stranger, and I can now stop freaking out as to what the correct next step is. I will be returning the guitar and most likely doing a straight exchange for a new one. I will post pictures of whatever comes back to me and keep you updated on any interesting defects that may (but hopefully won’t) arise. Thanks for clarifying proper string and pole alignement, thats exactly the information I was looking for, but does it apply to all types of pickups? I just wasn't sure if because the mini-
  2. Sounds similar to the one I encountered (in the store so I also don't have pictures). My crack ran along the binding between the fretboard and neck. It started under the nut and ran a little over half way down the first fret. Deffinately not a crack in the finish. It didn't look like a crack in the wood either,having seen it my best guess would be an adhesive issue like CB suggested, but strange that they all seem to be by the nut. It's really unfortunate cuz in theory this could be such an awesome guitar that has just been poorly manufactured. J.
  3. Hi Evereyone, Thanks Doc Loco,Gunner, bobouz and Vinlander for commenting. I am only an acoustic player with very limited electric experience and it looked that way to me but thought I must be crazy. I have included three new photos to help accurately show the alignment. I would really appreciate anyone willing to take the time to look at them. If the neck pickup is not properly aligned does this mean that an easy was of checking to see if the pickups are aligned is to see if the poles are directly under the strings? At the risk of being greedy any photos would be especially helpf
  4. Hi Everyone, As I previously stated in a thread or two I recently bought the 50th Anniversay Shearton. Because there seems to be so many stories about problems with quality control on this model I decided to give mine another thorough inspection. Aside from the washer on the tone pot starting to come loose and the output jack now spinning there were no problems until I noticed what may be a problem with the pickups, but do not have enough experience with electrics guitars to say. What I’ve noticed is that the strings run nearly dead center over the poles of the bridge pickup; however, on t
  5. Wow thanks allot to everyone that took the time to responded to my thread. I couldn't have hoped for more information or a better discussion. It's awesome to be able to get the opinions of people that know so much more then I do. Based on the response I will not be getting the accidental insurance offered by Guitar Center. Thanks for saving me some money guys!!! J.
  6. Well after a couple of days of trying to test the guitar out this is what I have to report. The finish looks amazing, I compaired it to the finish of other epiphone semi-hollows and it looks like a clear step up. I never saw last years ES-355/345 so I can't say how it stacks up to that model. The only imperfection is a bit of the red stain found its was onto the binding near where the neck meets the body on the left side. I only have my camera from my phone available to me at the moment, but will post some decent picks when I can get my hands on a better camera. The sound is much cleaner a
  7. Good point. The additional coverage covers all issues with the guitar be it the electronics, tremotone, or even accidental damage to the guitar like putting a whole in the body or snapping the headstock off. Because I am carefull with my guitars I'm not so concerned about breaking the headstock off, but accidents do happen. Like I said earlier, what added to the difficulty of my decision is that because the model has such a small production run in circumstances where they would replace the guitar, they would be unable to. Just as I was writing this up I called Guitar Center to ask them wha
  8. Hi Everyone, After years of saving, I spent my guitar fund yesturday on a 1962 Anniversary Sheraton with tremotone in cherry (pics to come in other thread), leaving the store the sales assistant gave me the option of purchasing an insurance plan after I left the store, but had until January to decide. About $85 gets me full 2 year coverage and $107 for 3 years. This apparently is full coverage including accidental damage. The rep said that they even at times replace the guitar, but since it's a limited edition that likely wouldn't be an option. I take really good care of my guitars and hav
  9. Just picked mine up in Harrisburg, PA. They had three instock, all cherry. While testing out the first one I found a fairly significant crack just below the nut. I couldn't find fault in the second one I examined and ended up taking that one home. Turns out it was #6 in the production run, so to make a long story short, if your looking to test one out or would prefer a guitar early in the production I would reccomend checking out the Guitar Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. J.
  10. Hey everyone, So I noticed that epiphone posted a picture under the blog section of the epiphone website (http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/Blog.aspx). Clearly a teaser for an upcoming release without any real information, but I'm a sucker, so it's sparked my imagination and interest. My best guess would be the genesis that seems to be going into production. What do you guys think it is? J.
  11. Ya I did come across it a little while ago, and it deffinately did cross my mind. I had a few problems with the riviera though, the first is finding one close enough to my hometown so that I could test drive it, the second is that I wasn't sure if the mini-humubckers are more similar to those used in the elitist line (which is what I was looking for) or the mini-hums used in the 1966 Wilshire reissue. Finally, unable to try one out I am a little scared off by the frequensator tailpiece, I don't really understand how it changes the sound of a guitar to be honest. I think I'll have to buy myself
  12. Excellent , glad to see that I'm not the only one looking for a guitar like that, it reinforces the fact that the guitar would sell and therefore something along those lines might be made (a guy can dream can't he, lol). J.
  13. Agreed!!! My concerns are more sound oriented, but I'm really glad you liked the idea, thanks for replying CB. J.
  14. HA HA HA, nice, always the right time for a good pun! J.
  15. Hey CB (or anyone really), what do you think about the idea of a 1960's riviera reissue? From what I can tell it was exactly the same as the sheraton but lacking the fancy appointments like the 'tree of life' headstock, bound pickguard,v-block inlays, and gold hardware. To my knowledge the riviera should sound exactly the same as the sheraton, as they were originally equiped with the same pickups and electronics. Also, too my eyes has better colour options as the original royal tan looks incredible. My rational is that given the number of sheraton reiterations and economic times that maybe a s
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