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  1. Rick Nielsen has a staggering collection of music "stuff", not just in his museum, but in warehouses.


    I was never a Cheap Trick fan, but I saw a segment on "American Pickers", of all places, that featured his off-the-wall collectione, including such things as his unopened luggage containing all his dirty clothes from tours back in the 70's. A bit strange, but he's obviously a hoarder.



    That episode was on yesterday nick. A re run I think but my dad and I watched it yesterday around noon here. That case he opened with all the old les Paul's inside, what a waste to be laying around a warehouse

  2. Good stuff. A Visit to Montana is on my vacation list in the future, and of course a stop at the factory. This doesn't help me much in putting it off. Been wanting to take a trip to western MT to scout out some rural property for a hunting getaway and possibly a home building site. Unfortunately I've spent more time talking myself out of it than doing it because of the shocking real estate prices there.

  3. My j-45 is my only acoustic and I plan on wearing it out.


    Then fixing it.


    Then, wearing it out again.



    Yep. I feel the same about my AJ. It goes outside or wherever I need a guitar and holds up just fine. I take all precautions to protect it but if I'm scared to take it outside and jam some bluegrass with the neigbors then I don't need it. I don't need a museum peice that is useless outside its protective bubble

  4. I think it sounded great. BUT it didn't sound one cent better than a HD28V I can buy for a lot less IMO. Plus if I want a vintage reissue guitar I want forward shifted bracing. When I think of a vintage herringbone I think of a 36' not a 41'

  5. She wants to so bad. I let her use a pick and strum my guitar while I do the chording. The big grin is priceless. She is a guitar picker in the making for sure. I swore I would never pressure my kids into music, but this one I don't have to. She drives me crazy every time I try to play wanting to do the strumming. If anyone is pressured it's me. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree [thumbup]

  6. Well I certainly am not scared to take my Gibson outside and jam. It's my front porch pickin' guitar. I bought it to play not worry about. I'm disabled now and I'm home everyday so I sit outside on the porch a lot. Hard to sit out there without my AJ to strum on. I guess I just need an excuse to get my daughter something to beat on with me [biggrin]

  7. Years ago I had a 400 series, and I liked it when I first bought it, but there was just something about it that did not fit me. Im not bashing Taylor, they are really great guitars, but not for me. Although, but for travel, sitting around, the GS mini, is not bad.



    I've been considering a baby Taylor for my daughter and for me to plink around on outside this spring myself. I kinda like the idea of a 3/4 guitar laying around instead of dragging my AJ outside with me.

  8. The capo not fitting the neck right may be the culprit. When I got the capo it was for a different guitar with a thinner and less wide fingerboard. It does seem a little cramped and is not giving the E a good seat.


    No it's not a 36, it's a 2010 AJ. I don't have that kind of money lol . If I did I'd spend a 100 grand on 80 more acres of land vrs a 80 year old guitar.

  9. I guess because they appeal to the non traditional crowd? Who knows. Just a different flavor of ice cream for folks who like it. Hard to imagine Hank Williams with a fancy cutaway taylor, but fits right in with a modern boy band. Yea that pretty much explains it after that vision.

  10. yeah if youre happy enough with no capo then its not an issue ... i'd be beat without one , the majority of the songs i do use a capo . i know that using barre chords is a way round it but for the likes of for example dylan's dont think twice a capo is a must ... unless you can sing it in any key ( which i certainly cant)


    i was just wondering about the type of capo because you said it was lying around and gave the impression it was kinda old an unused then maybe the rubber is a little donald ducked and dried up ?



    The capo was bought new around 10 years ago and stored away well. It's in like new condition and the spring is strong.


    And yea I'm happy enough without one. I guess I'm just blessed with being able to sing everything in G C D A or E. I play mostly traditional country and bluegrass so there's never really a need to get outside those. I just happen to crave a oldie song about the car wreck and hate barring a minor chord. I've seen some people who can't play nothing without a capo. If I play some Hank Williams in E they all want to capo up down the neck somewhere. I always wondered what was so hard about just using E in the first position. Maybe it's the B7 they try to avoid I dunno


    Another theory is the Elixer strings I'm using. It's possible the capo isn't holding that E down well because of the slick coating. I suspect a non coated string would respond better to the capo being there,

  11. Not sure what kind it is, it's tight and holds the strings down well.


    I dunno maybe your right that I'm sensitive to the change. The huge drop off of bass is what bothers me most. I like a little rumble. Just made my E string a big THUD. I tried it again a bit ago and the higher strings are nice and crisp. Just loose all my bass. Guess that's just a Gibson thing. Lots of ya like that thuddy bass. I like that deep AJ rumble but using a capo seems to choke it out.


    Simple solution though....keep the dang capo off it

  12. Ok so the title of the post pretty much explains it. I've had a capo laying around for years and never use it. My dad never had one at all so when I learned guitar I didn't even know what a capo was for a long time. I kinda followed his path I guess and learned how to play everything I know in different keys. When I play with other people such as in a bluegrass jam they capo up to play key of A in the G position. I never understood why and just always played an A chord and went along. I guess some people just don't like some chord shapes and choose to capo up instead.


    Anyway so tonight I decide to play and sing that Pearl Jam song about the car wreck and where oh where can my baby be....,I'm sure you know the song. Key of A fits my voice best for it but that dreaded G minor was killing me when barring it. ( I hate bar chords). So I dig my old capo out and put it on the second fret to play out of G and use the Em.


    So with the capo on my AJ it sounded like it had a noose around its neck! It's a big sounding booming guitar with a Martinish rumble to it that I love. With the capo on it became brittle and thin. It was terrible. I couldn't get it off fast enough. Now I've heard other people play with a capo and it sounded fine. Just seemed to choke all the life out of my AJ. Especially my big E string. It went from boom to thud. Of course volume wasn't a issue other than my bass was totally gone. Just thin and brittle, but still loud.


    So is this normal?? I just don't have enough experience with one to know. I expected to still keep some of that booming rosewood dread in the sound with a capo on the second fret. It just sucked the life out of it. Sounded like some old Stella parlor guitar with rusty strings. Yuck!


    I guess it could be the round shoulders and Gibson tone. I never did like that dry thuddy tone of a lot of Gibsons. My AJ is the exception because of its power and depth. I guess maybe with a capo it looses it and turns into a dry sounding j35 because of the loss of scale lenth and round shoulders. Just a theory. I guess if I'm going to play with a capo I need a Martin

  13. Wonderful music. There for a minuet I was fly fishing in western Montana and watching deer on the distant ridge. Very enchanting


    Then, I started the think about froggy bottom guitars and the behind of a not so attractive woman came to mind. So much for fly fishing [laugh]

  14. I was actually thinking of playing with him a little bit and keeping him hangin on wiht hope .... only to dash it at the end. Was thinking about asking him about his favourite chords, nut widths and his favourite Gibson period .... would love to hear the reponse ... [rolleyes]



    This can be a good time. I love to string them along for awhile. I can just imagine their faces at the other end all happy because they found someone stupid enough to fall for it. The ones who claim they will send a truck to pickup the item are especially fun. I tell them in the end that all transactions and delivery trucks will be supervised by 5 drunk rednecks with shotguns and ask if they are ok with that. I've never gotten a reply back :lol:

  15. Something about a natural finish Gibson that scares me ( that j35 specifically). Kinda like seeing a a girl naked with no boobs. It's bare skin with nothing to look at.


    However a Martin with a sunburst is like a beautiful woman all wrapped up in to many clothes. Leaves me wondering what beauty lies underneath.

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