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  1. Well, i wont buy a new one if it doesnt sound good. I dont buy anything i dont play first. Second, im not really worried about the trade in value. And yes sound and playability has alot to do with it. However, sloppy craftsmanship on a high end guitar just erks me i guess. I just dont expect to see excess glue around the bridge, and where the neck/fretboard is on a 2500 dollar box. No it hadnt been repaired before. My martin, and most all other martins ive tried have flawless craftmanship. Scratches and battle scars are a different story. I dont think all gibsons are sloppy, they just did a sloppy job on this one. I guess another option would be to have my Luthier, Richard Starky, touch it up maybe?? Hes a top notch martin luthier in nashville tn, but im sure he wont turn me away :) i dunno, ill think about it some more. I got the eye of a Marine Corpse Drill Instructor so little mishaps bug me. Ill try to wait it out and see if my feelings settle down a bit lol

  2. Hey all. Got a 2010 AJ i swapped a Martin for recently. Really LOVE the AJ. However, it has a few spots on it i think Gibson coulda done a better job at. I cant upload a pic with my iphone but for a 2500 dollar guitar id expext little more attention to detail. Im not really gonna go deep into it because it really isnt the issue. Anyhow, i love the sound and feel of the AJ so much im considering trading this one in for a brand new mint condition one, without the sloppy job they did on a few areas of the current one i own.....if possible. So heres the question....theres listed at 2500 new. What is a reasonable price to expect to pay out the door for one? It will prob be a guitar center purchase in nashville tn and i know they will work with you ( previouse experience). I know they dont seem to move as many gibson acoustics as martins, so i figure gibsons have a little more wiggle room on price. Oh and another reason, i want a lifetime warranty

  3. Yes sir, and thank you for the warm welcome. Oh no i never assumed that at all. I myself own a variety, and am still a Martin fan. Ive always been somewhat of a rebel, against the grain kinda person....hence the name :) im just tickled to death to be able to play something different than the status quoe, and show a few local guys that a gibson can compete in the bluegrass world

  4. Hey thanks for the info! And those are some real beuties! And when i take my AJ to the next jam, whoever mistakes it for a j45 is in for a shock. These Aj must be a well kept secret too. I had never even heard much about one. Of course my musical flavor had been dominated by martins. But im glad i discovered the AJ. It didnt compare to my d28, it flat out trounced it! A few HD28 guys i know are in for a butt kicking as well here soon :) Anybody who says Gibson doesnt make a good bluegrass guitar obviosly hasnt had a good AJ in their hands. Its definitly a keeper a HOSS of a guitar

  5. Hello there! I am a new member and also a new Gibson fan! I am pleased to be here :)

    Ive always been a Martin guy. Mainly because im a bluegrass player mainly. The other day i swapped a D28 for a Gibson Advanced Jumbo that knocked my socks off! Twice the volume and power. Its a real " bone Crusher". I can understand why you normally wouldnt bring a Gibson to a bluegrass jam, but the AJ is def a heavyweight contender.

    Anyway, im having trouble finding the true specs of the AJ. There not listed on the site anymore. It is a standard Aj with spruce and indian rosewood b&s. I know its scalloped bracing, but is it forward shifted too? I know i can see the X brace just a hair below the soundhole so im assuming it is forward shifted. Also i cant find the nut and saddle materials. Anybody know if its bone or ??? Serial number is 10080055 and im assuming its a 2010. Any clarification would be helpfull. Thanks!

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