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  1. Once again thank you for the kind words. I still won't be singing in public though. I'd have to have a big dose of Valium for that [biggrin]


    I'm surprised non of ya noticed me banging my AJ against the mic stand when I sat down. That terrible "pop" was horrific. I still haven't looked to see if it caused any damage. I think I'll wait a few more days to look :unsure:

  2. What I don't understand is why Advanced Jumbos aren't more popular - Gibson keeps bringing them in and out of production as a regular model every few years, it seems like, so they must not sell enough to keep it as a regular standard model. But in the meantime, all the boutique guys like Collings, Bourgeois, H&D, Santa Cruz and all sorts of other luthiers all make AJ clones as a regular item. People obviously love the design.


    And they are such killer all purpose guitars, the Gibson equivalent of a D18 or D28. I'm on my third one. The first two were standard models, just really great all around guitars, not too expensive, and now my third is a 2006 Luthier's Choice that is really almost unbelievable that I bought used about 2 years ago.


    Anyone have a guess at why Gibson seems so ambivalent about AJs, why they start and stop making these?



    They disappear from the Gibson website but I don't think they ever stopped making them. Right now it's the AJ pro on the site but there's no shortage of standards at the dealers. I don't think them missing from the site necessarily means they aren't in production. Of course if I'm wrong please correct me

  3. Thank you Missouripicker. My family is all from Salem, Mo by the way. Dent County down in the Mark Twain forest in the Ozarks. Love it there. My dad left St Louis with the Corvette plant so I was born a Kentuckian.


    And I actually do a better job with guys like Johnny Cash and Conway twitty. I got a growly voice naturally but can wind it up when I need it. I started to get the Les Paul out and do Cocain Blues but I thought it may not be appropriate :lol:


    The twin reverb is so I can sing over th AJ. I got a loud singing voice but when you record it my AJ dominates my singing. It's a hoss of a guitar

  4. Tell ya what. Add a cowboy hat and a backup band - your voice is worth a million bucks. [thumbup] This was good, even with a Fender Twin as the PA. BTW, that AJ didn't need a pickup, wow !



    Thanks for the kind words. But you don't have to blow sunshine up my [thumbup]


    Cowboy hat? Nah I'm a plow boy not a cowboy [rolleyes]

  5. Well I've always had a terminal fear of singing in front of people. Don't mind playing but I won't sing. I usually sing with myself as the only audience. But I worked up the nerve to make a couple videos. They didn't turn out to great and the words are hard to understand. I guess recording with a iPad and singing through a twin reverb guitar amp doesn't make a great recording but I gave it a shot. I didn't plug in the AJ, don't have a pickup. Anyway here's a old gospel tune that felt right for a beautifull Sunday afternoon in Kentucky. Try not to laugh at my obviouse hillbilly accent [scared]


    Oh, and I'm sure you will notice I banged my AJ against the mic stand when I sat down. Way to go me!



  6. After spending a good while as a member of this forum it seems to be ok to share personal stories that are non guitar related. It makes me proud to be a member of this forum where such passionate and kind people are. Regardless of the personal differences we may have, it's amazing how a musical instrument can bring such peace and comradery. My heart is warmed by such things as members comforting the loss of another members dog. This is the best guitar forum on the web hands down.


    Today we laid to rest a dear freind and mentor that was respectfully called " Old Man". He was a kindergarden friends father who I had known since a small child. Through the years he became a 2nd father to me. During high school all us guys would party in his garage and have a big time. I guess this could be frowned upon allowing youngsters to drink but it had its rules. If you drink.....plan on sleeping on the couch or find a floor. He kept a big axe handle on the wall for people who wanted to drink and drive home. Matter of fact I've gotten a knot or two from that axe handle. But I guess he figured boys will be boys and he might as well provide a safe place or else we would do it somewhere else and wind up dead. Through the years he was always there if you were in need, and he loved every one of us. He called his little house and garage on the hill " possum Hill". So we were rightly called the possum hill boys. Anyway a few thousand beers later here I am still alive and I have Old Man to thank for helping me along. I guess thinking back on it he must have been nuts for letting a bunch of teenage boys get drunker than cootie brown every weekend in his garage. But he kept us safe. We've cried together, laughed together, drank together, hunted together, done it all. I quit drinking some time ago but I would stop and see him every so often. He loved to see my 2 year old daughter so he could tickle her and make her laugh.


    Tonight I am on Possum Hill in Old Mans garage remembering the good times I had with him. Although his body isn't here his presence is still strong in our hearts. Today was his 69th birthday and he missed it by 2 days. But tonight Old Man lives on. I suppose I'll have a toast to the Old Man and if any of ya out there are picking and having a drink......take a sip for the Old Man



  7. So sorry man. I know pets become as much blood kin as anybody. I almost lost my Jack Russell " lady bird" to parvo a couple years ago. I felt like I had a child dying in the hospital. She made it though. But I never woulda thought a little ole dog could made a 6'2 240 pound man cry. Lesson learned.


    Great video too. Loved the music. He surely lived a long full life [thumbup]

  8. Been a chocolate and Cabernet addict for years. The meds I take (currently 15 pills a day) make me nauseous, the smoke cures that, and takes the edge off the pain



    Howdy Fred! Sounds like your still fighting the back problems. Same here as well buddy.


    I say take the job and run with it. Sounds like more fun than work, especially since you can set your own schedule.

  9. I'll bet nobody posts "A Paul Fox Burst" on this thread....... :D



    [laugh] no doubt about that



    No Gibsons.......I guess I would be back in the D28 camp. I'd like the Martin custom shop to build me a plain Jane standard D28 with HD28V bracing. I don't care much for the V neck or snowflake inlays. Herringbone trim either to be honest. I've actually been seriously considering calling and pricing one. Maybe it wouldn't be to bad since it would just be a plain D28 with upgraded bracing

  10. Glad you love your j45! I needed a big loud guitar so the Advanced Jumbo was my pick. Maybe one day you can have the sweet 45 and a AJ for butt kickin power.


    Anyway I tend to use a different method of comparing tone.


    Martin- sweet red wine

    Gibson- Tennessee Whiskey

    Taylor- Zima

    Now I like a sweet red wine from time to time, but Tennessee whiskey is a lot more fun. Zima....yea ill pass on that

  11. As far as I am aware, the originals in the 1930s were made with Indian Rosewood, not Brazilian.


    My AJ is great! I had wanted one for a long time. Then one day four years ago I walked into Guitar Center and they were blowing them out for $1500! They had three of them. I played all three and chose the best one. I even had a $50 off coupon, so got it for $1450! I still love the guitar!


    I agree with the above post that the "Historic Collection" is just a marketing thing and the guitar is probably no different than any other AJ.



    No sir the originals were Brazilian rosewood, just like the D28. Gibson only made roughly 300 AJ then and was the first rosewood dread for them. The OJ ( original jumbo) was mahogony

  12. It's and AJ. Mo more, no less. Prices vary, but bursts tend to net more than nat'l tops. They can be found in the 14-16 range, sometimes for less, depending on how eager the owner is to depart from it. They tend to go up for re-sale a lot, not sure why , but I;m guessing its mostly (A disappointed Martin D28 fans who want more more low end rumble and (B disappointed J45 fans who dont like the long scale and the deeper bass.



    That hasn't been true around here at all. I live in the Nashville Tn area and it is VERY rare to see a used AJ for sale. I got mine used 9 months ago and haven't seen another one for sale since. But different area and different people. It makes a difference I suppose.


    Op.... Yea it's just a plain AJ. Gibson is all over the place about that sorta thing. Some are reissues, some historic collection, ect. A marketing thing I suppose. Mine is a 2010 and it just says Advanced Jumbo on the label. They are pretty close to the original 1937 model no matter what you call them minus the Brazilian rosewood. Somebody once said something about making a AJ true vintage like the J45TV....but the AJ is already about as true vintage as it gets.

  13. Not much of a music listener in the morning here. But I do tune into the John Boy and Billy show [thumbup] I need a good laugh in the morning to get me going and I do enjoy the classic rock they play in between.


    Disregarding the morning thing, I've really been enjoying watching and listening to B.B King play that big Gibson electric of his. I bought my first tube amp last week, a fender twin reverb, and have really been into electric blues since. My 50's tribute les Paul has been seeing a lot of action lately.

  14. Hi! This is my first post and I just bought my first Gibson, an advanced jumbo from GC.


    Even though I was looking for new acoustic guitar I wasn't "planning" on this past weekend. I went to GC Friday night and walked into the sideroom of the acoustic guitar room and there it was. A used Gibson AJ. I played it and fell in love with it on the spot. It looked brand new and didn't have any scratches. They only "issue" was buzzing around the 15-17th fret on four notes because the guy who owned it shaved the bridge. I was told it is an easy fix. I wasn't 100 percent comfortable with it so I didn't buy it.


    I had the worst sleepless night in a long time. I tossed and turned, had the cold sweats...it was bad. So in the morning I decided to go back and get it; there is a 35 day waiting period on used instruments so I have to wait until November 16 to pick it up. I thought I would regret it more if I didn't buy it and someone else did. I'm going to have it looked at by Eric and Eric Guitars to see if it is in good condition and an easy fix. If not, I'll just return it within 30 days. But I think it will be great and can't wait to actually get it in my hands. According to the serial number it was produced in September 2010. Price $1499.


    I look forward to getting to know all of you.




    Wow that was a good price considering you bought it from a retail store and not private.

  15. If you like that dry tone for the blues I'm not sure the AJ will change your mind. The AJ will have a lot more bass rumble but keep those clear ringing trebles. Of course a set of 2 week old plain 80/20 will get pretty dry on the AJ too, you just have to wait awhile for it. Personally I like that clear Gibson high end on the AJ with a hint of Martinish rumble on the bottom. Pretty good combo I think


    As of lately though I've figured out my Les Paul plugged into the twin reverb is a pretty hot blues guitar [thumbup]

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