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  1. Rufus Payne once said " that country music ain't nothing but white people's blues". For those who don't know, Rufus was a old black gentleman who taught hank Williams to play the guitar when he was a boy. I suppose Rufus was right about that, and rock and roll too most likely.
  2. I think Hank Williams and " move it on over" was the first rock and roll song
  3. I dunno about that. I'd be to afraid it would fall apart after the first strum and I would be the guy in the history book as killing trigger
  4. Hank Williams. Saw one of his D28s in the country music hall of fame I'd liked to of had a few hours with :)
  5. My les Paul 50s tribute needs a humbucker swap. Not real happy with the 499/498 combo. I want some super clean humbuckers to go well with my fender twin reverb. So far I'm really stuck on the Seth Lover humbuckers. Super clean and clear. I think these combined with my twin would be clean heaven. Any of you guys use these pickups in your les Paul?? What's your take on them?
  6. I've had mine for about 6 months now. I have the humbucker version with the 490/498 humbuckers in vintage sunburst. My first thought was what a cheap finish but I've come to appreciate the raw look and feel of it. A working mans guitar I like to think. I'm still playing it with the factory setup with no complaints. Has a little string buzz but doesn't go into the amp so I'm not concerned. I do not care much for the 498 humbucker in the bridge. Very gritty and harsh for me. I play exclusively clean through a fender twin reverb. I'm in the process of choosing some new pickups for it. Right now I'm leaning heavily to the seymour duncan Seth Lover humbuckers. Super clean and clear tone and hooked to my twin reverb would be magic. As a whole.....great guitar. Love the fat neck and raw looks. Wouldn't trade it for nothing. Sorry for the poor iPhone picture it doesn't really do it justice
  7. I totally agree. I've seen some real deals lately. The used Market here is definitely in the favor of buyers. A bit off our subject, but I bought a mint condition Fender Twin Reverb amp for my les Paul 2 days ago for 600 bucks. A 2010 reissue model. These things are 1500 bucks new. Sellers loss and my gain. But I did pity the money lost on it by him
  8. Have you ever tried a rosewood AJ? They are a lot different than other rosewood guitars IMO. They have that punchy Gibson tone that other rosewood a don't have. I'd at least give one a shot and forget about the wood. Good luck in the hunt
  9. Thanks bob that's a start anyways. I can find stuff on the dove all day but I'm stumped on the " 60's dove" part. Is this one of the historic collection models or something??
  10. Ok serial number is 91558004. Style:60's Dove My quick search shows June 4 1998. Sounds like the sellers story is already going in left field. I know the photos suck but that label seems odd to me. But I can clearly see the style: 60's dove in the original I have of it.
  11. Hey guys. Got a call from a cousin in Missouri who spotted a guitar at the local shop window. I got a few pics on a text message but really aren't good enough to tell much. Anyway, it's a Gibson Dove 60's style. I got a picture of the orange label inside and it says Style: 60's Dove. I did a quick search and didn't find much about a "60s style" dove. It's supposivly a 2010 model but I haven't received the serial number yet to check on it. The pic was too blurry to make out the number but I did see the 60"s dove on the label. Anyhow it's a good looking guitar and there wanting 1800 bucks for it. Just looking for some info on this so called 60's style. I'm not real familiar with doves. Will update post with serial number soon
  12. I've tried to join that Martin forum several times and nobody ever gets back with me. Finally I gave up. I don't own a Martin anymore so I could care less now. I figure anywhere that hard to get into I don't belong anyway. I play around the AGF quite a bit though. I posted a thread about upgrading the Standard D28 to forward shifted bracing like they did the 2012 D18. I thought the place was gonna come unglued. I'd love to have a plane Jane D28 with the HD28V bracing. I guess they figure if you want pre war bracing you better get used to a V neck. Not for me. I'll keep my AJ
  13. Well I got a few sets of Martin lifespan SP phospher bronze I don't use. Sam ash music gave me a few of them and I'm not real keen on them. I've actually put them on Craigslist before to swap for Elixers Maybe you have something in this idea
  14. JohnnyReb


    Oh that evil Bain capital
  15. Yea I kinda figured that. I could tell by the thuddy bass lines. The AJ definitely has a lot more rumble than his guitar in the bass, which is fine by me Mr Rambler.....thanks a lot very helpfull. I'll stick to standard tuning and go from there
  16. Hmm I tried to watch Aussies birthday videos he posted today and it wouldn't play on my iPad. I've always been able to watch videos posted on the forum before. I upgraded my iPad to iOS 6 so now the trouble starts ugh.
  17. Happy birthday man! I couldn't watch the video though. My iPad says it doesn't support flash player.
  18. A monster it is. The classic Gibson blues tone except 3 times louder and stronger. Of course the banjo picks really make it ring compared to bare fingers. I can't do the flesh thing
  19. I don't think they support adobe flash player.
  20. Well as mainly a bluegrasser and traditional country player I've never ventured much into the old time blues. Yesterday evening I cracked open a cold Pabts Blue Ribbon beer on the porch and listened to some lightin Hopkins tunes. It was like a hand come out and pulled me into the music. I even went and got another beer to listen to some more and my limit is always one. The raw sound and pure heart that was there was faciinating. Now I don't have much experience with playing with my fingers. Always use a flatpick. So I put some banjo picks on and start pinching around that E chord on the Advanced Jumbo and there it was. That sound! Moved around the A some and on the B7. Yep that's it. I think my AJ was born to play lightnin Hopkins music. It's strong in a lot of areas but it plays the blues like there's no tomorrow. Anyway I think I got bit by the bug. It's gonna drive me nuts until I get a little better at this finger pickin stuff. I manage to thump the bass and pinch the high strings with my banjo picks and get by for now. It doesn't seem like lightnin used a very complex was of doing it either. But does he play in open E or standard???
  21. Lord have mercy I feel the pain. I had a little jack Russell with parvo who I carried to the vet inside my coat pocket. Didn't have the money to pay them and she was gonna die if they didn't treat her. After seeing a 6"2 220 pound man break down in tears they decided to treat her and take payments. I don't think I slept for 3 days until they called and said she was ok and to come pick her up. Anyhow I know them low down sick dog blues. Best wishes for a fast recovery. Keep us posted
  22. I think being able to sing is as subjective as guitar tone. I think there's a lot of people who hit the big time who can't sing. Johnny cash- I love some cash but the guy doesn't win any awards for being a beautifull singer. It's all in the style, his style AC/DC- is that singing?? I'm sure it makes singing teachers shrill but the record sales do the talking And well you get the point I'm sure this isn't the technical answer your looking for but I think you should just sing and be you. Johnny cash wasn't a Roy Orbison either. Just be you and sing like you. I think it will be more rewarding
  23. I wouldn't think it would be a problem as long as it isn't pinching the strings. Is that a plastic saddle?? Those grooves look pretty deep in the first pic. I've never seen strings wear into bone that far but I would think it would be possible on a plastic saddle. But, I could be wrong
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