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  1. Congrats and welcome to the AJ club [thumbup]


    As I've said before Aussie, the AJ is almost like having 2 guitars in one. Phospher bronze on a AJ makes them deep and mellow....actually similar to the D28s I've owned. I suspect that the ones you previously played had PB on them. 80/20s bring out a different animal, lots of " zing" I call it. It's amazing how sensitive the AJ is to different string types. I switch up from time to time depending on my mood. I like PB on it when I'm feeling some hank Williams and need a dark and dreary sound. When I want some hot bluegrass, it's 80/20s and the AJ cuts like a knife. I suspect with the new finger style interest you will want the 80/20s. Listening to the sound clip you posted that AJ has 80/20 on it so now you know what to string her with



  2. The Advanced Jumbo is the best bluegrass guitar I've ever had. I owned a few D28 variants looking for the perfect one and was never satisfied. The AJ was it. It was the muscle car I was looking for.


    J45s and SJ sound great when flatpicked. Add a Mastertone banjo and a few D28s to compete with and they don't stand a chance. The AJ bows down to nobody [thumbup]

  3. I have to say Walk The Line is my favorite.


    Pure Country with George Straight was my prior favorite but I wore it out to much as a kid


    Great balls of fire about Jerry lee Lewis.....yea [thumbup]


    Coal miners daughter


    Your Cheating Heart where George Morgan played Hank Williams comes to mind. But I remember being turned off by the singing voice being Hank Jr. Was radically different than dads voice

  4. Markini,


    Thank you so much for the demo. Nicely played. love it!


    The guitar sounds great and now I have a problem. I agree that the pro looks (and sounds) great! I've got my eye on a honey burst.


    But everbody is saying I should save for a real hummingbird or j45 tv. I think I have too do some real thinking here!!!!! :blink: :blink:


    But thanks again markini for the great demo!



    The artist is the honey burst. The pro is sunburst.


    Look man, just go play a few and pick the one you like. Don't get sucked into the spec sheets and this and that. If you prefere the looks of one, why would you buy something that looks radically different? I wouldn't think twice about buying that honey burst artist model if I liked it's sound. I wouldn't think twice about buying a real hummingbird.....because I don't like them. And I surely wouldn't buy something just because all the guys on here said so. Go to GC or wherever your Gibson dealer is and try them and see what YOU like. Nobody here is going to dog you because you post A new guitar day hummingbird artist or pro. They are quality build Gibson instruments just like all the rest. I think there a excellent alternative for those of us who would like a square shoulder Gibson without the hummingbird design and bling

  5. Good to see you buc. I'm a fellow aquarium lover too. I've slowly been adding to my 46 gallon bow front for awhile. Love your setup there! I have been going for a lake bottom look with bogwood and natural gravel.....few live plants here and there. I don't have the skill required for the beauty you have created yet :)

  6. If your heart desires a real hummingbird then that's what you should do.


    Personally I really like the hummingbird artist. I like the plain look of it and the faded vintage color. I'd love to have a square shoulder Gibby but I don't like the hummingbird bling and design. I think the artist is a good looking axe. I dunno why they don't just give it it's own name and spare the oh it's not a hummingbird thing. Well, it isn't a hummingbird. I'm sure if it had its own name there would prob be more interest in it. A G18 maybe [thumbup]



  7. MR nick we share that in common then [biggrin] my dads Farmall cub was my first drive too. It's a memory that's never left my mind. So when I needed a new lawn mower I bought this 53 Super A which is the next biggest from the cub. I mow my 4 acre yard with it every week and it will lay stripes like them fancy zero turn jobs. It's a real pleasure to drive and mow with it. Time machine I guess u could say.

  8. I still say try the AJ before you buy. Like you I tried a lot of the Gibson models and wasn't impressed. Being a bluegrass guy I'd always played Martins and the Gibsons seemed to be way short on volume I needed. I had a AJ kick my D28s butt one night so I bought it. The AJ has really defined what a " cannon" really is for me. I sold the Martins and the AJ is slaying banjos with a passion [thumbup]

  9. Hey y'all thanks for the replies


    Actually the guitar is playable now. I have tuned it up on a few occasions and played it. The action is just really high and you have to have iron fingers for it. I'm fairly convinced it is structurally sound. It never creaks or gives any sighn of weakness. The crack is on the back in the center and seems to have shrunk some since I've acquired it. If the action could be fixed to a playable position I don't think it would need a thing. Of course the intonation is way off and it doesn't fret well. But I can manage to strum a few chords and pick out a few simple melodies on it.


    I reckon I've decided to have it checked out and see what needs to be done to make it more playable. I'm fairly content with it hanging on the wall....but I also have a strong desire to play it. I agree with you guys about the cosmetics too. I love the way it looks. My concern is that the neck is bowed and the reason for the high wire action. Prob a re fret too. But yea I'm convinced that it deserves to be played. It's to well preserved to neglect only because of action issues. I think she's structurally ready to rock.


    Mr j200 koa......I got a 1953 Farmall tractor in the barn AND I mow my grass with it [thumbup]



  10. Well grandpas old guitar is nothing more than a wall hanger in my living room. It was bought by my grandpa in the late 30"s for a uncle of mine. He left for the Navy in 42 and left it home so grandpa just kept it. This ole axe has seen some hard times. It's survived a old shack with no electricity all the way up to the 1980s when my aunt rescued it. Wood heat only, no ac, wood cook stove.......can you believe it survived all that time????


    Anyway my aunt gifted to me a few years ago because I'm grandpas youngest grandchild of 50 grand kids. It is a great treasure of mine because he died in 1965 long before I was born. He woulda been 112 years old today if still alive. So this old guitar is as close as I'll ever get to him.


    The only damage the guitar has is a crack across the back. I have tuned it to pitch a few times and played it. The action is like tryin to play a dobro with your fingers. The nut seems to be coming loose. Other than that the thing is intact. I've been thinking about having it restored by a guy in Nashville but I want to keep it as close to original as possible. I wouldn't care about doing this if the dang thing didn't sound so good! You would be surprised about the tone of this little thing. Kinda reminds me of the Willie Nelson sound, although willies guitar is far superior.


    What u guys think. Are these old things worth fixing up? I think it's a Stella harmony or something of the sort. I don't even know if the wood is real or not. Appears to be anyway.



  11. i remember him from when i was off school sick or something , was always on in the mornings . they should

    bring him back !! bettter for everyones brain and soul than that #*%! jeremy kyle

    (i'll let you choose your own word to go in there , but it must have four letters)



    Yep same here! I would be home sick and mom would have him on in the morning. I always watched in suspense as he painted away and made the colors all come together. Ive never been interested much in art but he was a pleasure. Great memory thanks


    Hope your flu gets better buddy. My grannies recipe will make ya feel better. Kentucky Bourbon ( Wild Turkey was her choice), some honey, sugar, and a dab of vinegar. Will fix ya right up. Bless grannies soul, they woulda threw her in jail for givin that to kids today. But it worked its magic :)

  12. I have a Alvarez dread my dad bought me when I was 12 or 13. Seems to be a D18 sorta copy I suppose. Anyway, I never fail to be surprised how loud and responsive it is. Tons of sustain......I mean sustain like my D28 had [confused] Often I've wondered if I should get rid of all my higher end stuff and just keep the Alvarez. It's a fine guitar

  13. I tried some Martin SP 80/20 lights and thought they sounded very good... somewhat bright for my tastes, but fingerpicked, very good. Then I got some DR Sunbeams and these sound exceptionally good on the AJ. May be just the ticket for folks who want to tone it down just a little. Not so "in you face" sound.


    Are others using lights on their AJs?




    I've never used lights on mine. I enjoy the loud , in your face attitude of the AJ so mediums are my thing. I found that using a thinner pick will tame it down some instead of using lighter strings. However I'm not above trying a set of lights sometime just to see. I thought since the AJ is built so lightly that maybe lights wouldn't take away much. But I think you just answered my question by stating it toned it down a little.


    The AJ is the muscle car of the Gibson lineup, I want all the Horsepower I can get. [thumbup]

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