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  1. High, I just bought two akg c 414's and I want to use them in conjuction with some sm 57's for micing a guitar cab. I've heard that using both a condenser mic and a dynamic is good. so, my concern is damaging the mic. I look on youtube and a lot of the demos have condencers mics right up on the amp grill. I thought this was bad for mics such as these. so, my question, if anyone knows, is, how close can I or should I, put the mic to the amp. Oh, and I don't use loud amps. I'll be using a 1 watt rock block through a 4x10s cab. I'll also be using mahaffay songworks 1/4 watt combo. I'll be micing both the combo and cab (it can drive a cab and use it's own speaker). the 1 watt rock block is pretty loud though believe it or not.
  2. I'll post some pictures this sunday. the guitar does have some black smudges on the binding. I don't know how to get them off. the guitar could have been a second or somethingg or the marks could have come from the black coveriing that is inside the case. I don't know. you would think they wouldn't make cases out of material that would bleed into the finish of their guitars. who knows.
  3. sorry iron mike. thanks so much. I did get it by the way. I own it and play it and love it. I'm blown away my you people. nothing personal, I just don't understand how you can't think this is the coolest finish ever. the other finishes are boring. the ice tea burs literally makes me roll my eyes. I don't understand how anybody could or would want one. The rootbeer finsih is ok. the dessert bursts are ok. The only other finishes I would own are is the latte burst and the various "natural" mahogany finsihses.
  4. here's the thing and I've said this before but, to me the gecko burst isn't really a loud finish. I think people see it and they think that it's for gauddy hair band types but to me it has a laid back finish. It's pastel-esque. it actually reminds me of carribean or Island fashion in general: yes it's loud but it's also laid back, like a parrot shirt--it says I'm here to chill out. honestly. It will be mine. it will.
  5. hello. I want to hear from people who actually own these. It's my dream guitar. that's right: I said it. the much disparaged gecko burst. I want one. where can I get one? Are there any old stocks still unsold in a warehouse or in the back of a music store or perhaps hanging on a wall somewhere? Oh well, I'd like to at least hear from those of you who own one, what you think about it. Especially those of you who have more than one lp and can compare the two ( a "normal" les paul vrs a gecko burst ).
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