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  1. howdy! does this come with the OHSC i hope? i'm very interested in it.

  2. yeah, price discussion can be tricky. i always thought then when i find the right j45 for me, money would be no object. but then i found her, new, and low and behold...i haven't bought it yet because it would bankrupt me. so, my wait continues, and i continue to save. another day another dollar. when i find the right one, and the right price, it should be the easiest decision i'll ever make. -Southrodney
  3. Howdy, does anyone have any preference, knowlege or expertise as to the best year of production for j45's at the Bozeman plant? im in the market for a newer one, they seem solid, just want to make sure i get the right one. i prefer a banner reissue or a true vintage/ new vintages model. -southrodney
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