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  1. I had the chance to try both the 61 and the Elitist and I thought the Elitist was far superior in all regards. For me it was worth the extra money. Just try as many as you can. Not everyone is happy with the narrower neck on the Elitist.
  2. I have a 2010 Elitist and really like the P90's. The fit and finish is of course stellar. Better than my 2007 Gibson 335. Experiment as you wish but it is hard to come up with better P90 style pickups in my opinion.
  3. I was able to try a standard Casino and an Elitist side by side in 2013. The regular Casino is OK but the Elitist is far superior . Well worth the additional money to me. Mine has a narrower neck however. It may not suit everyone. Check the specs on the current models on Epiphone's website if that is an issue.
  4. Regardless of the guitar you choose I can second the Fender Mustang as a great choice for the amp. The Mustang III or IV can cover a lot of ground. Check out "intheblues" on you tube. He has excellent reviews, comparisons, and downloads for the Mustangs and a whole lot more.
  5. My Dr500MCE has serial number 311523360. It does'nt seem to fit in with the " first two numbers is the year" method. Oh well. I guess I will just have to play it anyway. I love this guitar.
  6. I am enjoying my new to me Masterbuilt DR500MCE but I am curious as to how to decipher when and where it was made. It does not really matter it's a great guitar. No matter what.
  7. I am delving into jazz for the first time as well. I already have a Casino, Sheraton and a Lucille. The Casino has the most open jazz box kind of sound, the Sheraton carries that 335 sound that I like in jazz, and the Lucille is very close to the Sheraton except for the varitone which takes some work to get used to. All of them have some great rock, blues, and jazz tones. I think it comes down to what your ear wants to hear. I change my mind all the time. Some of the players I like the most like Bill Frisell use a Telecaster style guitar. Sounds fantastic.
  8. I use automotive wax with no cleaning agents in it on my gold hardware. That plus wiping it down seems to help.
  9. Buy the Fender. It's a great guitar and your mustang covers many effects. Other items can come later. You won't regret buying a high quality guitar.
  10. I was able to try out an Elitist and a Std side by side before I bought mine. The Chinese Std was an alright guitar but the Elitist felt like a totaly different animal. Frets and finish were excellent. It was much more resonant. It did have a thinner neck which some people might not like but I love. The pick ups were fantastic. I agree it is worth a shot getting one from an on line dealer to try out.
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