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  1. Ha, I got what you mean. That's a great premise. I love what this guitar already has - very good wood, very nice fretwork, comfortable concept. Unfortunately, I feel that stock pickups leave a bit to be desired (maybe too waxed or unbalanced), and I also want to try P-94. I also have a personal dislike for gold hardware (although a lot of my friends love the idea of it). So those two reasons are why I want to mod this guitar. And if I'm going to mod it - why not get the best I can. :) Cheers.
  2. First of all, hello to all fellow Gibson and Epiphone fans. I've always been a Fender/G&L guy, until I fell in love with Epiphone Sheraton II. I had rough experiences with Dots and LP's, and never ever thought Epiphone could sound like this sweet Sherry. Very comfortable to play, great wood resonance. That's why I want to push it to the edge and do a complete rehaul, while retaining the good spirit of this axe. What are essential upgrades would you advise? I've only had experience in Fender-area upgrades, so any help with parts' manufactures brands would be appreciated. Let's see. 1) I want to put Gibson Classic '57 in it, I also want to try P-94. Has anyone tried P-94 in it? Saw video on youtube with this upgrade, sounded marvellous; 2) What pots should I use? Dimarzio? CTS? I want to have 250k's, my sound is not too dense; 3) What would be the best wires/capacitors? 4) I want to change all the hardware. I want to stay on stop-tail way, but I’ve heard that korean Epiphone Sheraton has metric measurements, and original Gibson tune-o-matic bridge and stop-tail won’t fit it. Is it true? If yes, what other bridge should I use? TonePros? Gotoh? 5) Same question about tuners. What tuners would fit, and what would be the best to use? 6) I’ll probably ask luthier to do all the work, but as far as I’m concerned Sheraton/ES-335 is a major pain to upgrade? How would one feed pots through f-holes? Isn’t it impossible? 7) Are there any other advises in Sheraton upgrading? What were your upgrades? Thanks and have a great time, guys.
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