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  1. ok here is my two babes 1979, Epiphone Genesis Custom & 1980 Epiphone Genesis Custom
  2. IMHO, honestly, The old Genesis have much of the "old school" crafmanship, very different of today guitars... i was played several Les Paul Epiphone (china, indonesia, etc) the last i play was a really nice honeyburst Les Paul Plus Top Pro, lovely guitar, but not even close to a vintage Genesis. The feel of the neck on the old Genesis is amazing, the neck is real fat on my 79 blue, glorious, and noticeably thinner on my 80s sunburst but also nice, the body too. i dont like so much the slim 60s profiles. I read the excellent review of Brian and i think the new was a really nice guitar for the money, but the old ones are several steps above.imho. The old Genesis haves that tone and sustain that make it a real kickass guitar. including testing them beside a lot more expensive guitars. i feel very fortunate to have encountered them let some pics 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 1980 Epiphone Genesis Custom, 2012 Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Pro Model. check this reviews for more opinions http://epiphonegenesislovers.blogspot.com.ar/p/reviews.html
  3. We wish the best for all the people of the forum and i hope 2014 is even better!!
  4. 1980 Epiphone Genesis Custom / G. Dirty fingers, SD Invader 1980 Epiphone Genesis Deluxe / SuperDistortion, Emg81
  5. hello guys! a few day ago some Genesis lovers! met to toast for holidays!! on this occasion we had a special guest, a beatiful PRS Singlecut, (in the first meeting the guest was Gibson Les Paul) http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/other-epiphones/249336-epiphone-genesis-meet.html we could compare their sound and were more than happy that the Genesis once again showed his great tone, even beside to a guitar that are more much expensive. everything went better than planned and had a great night! I hope you enjoy the pics folks! happy Holidays!! 1980 Epiphone Genesis Custom ( original pickups/ Gibson knobs) 1980 Epiphone Genesis Custom / SD jazz+JB
  6. mmm... not "Just another electric guitar" not for me..(the vintage series from 79/80) im an "Epiphone enthusiast" and Epiphone dont have another original solidbody guitar like this... IMHO http://epiphonegenesislovers.blogspot.com.ar/2010/03/history.html
  7. I do not understand what your comment has to do with the topic man.
  8. metal/nu metal Blues i hope you like it folks! more data http://epiphonegenesislovers.blogspot.com.ar/2010/03/history.html
  9. cont. Rock/experimental/alternative metal/nu metal
  10. The Epiphone Genesis is a beautiful and almost unknown guitar, that gradually earned itself a place in the hearts of their owners over the last 35 years, and also has slowly been conquering the hearts of those who know by mere chance. They are a pretty example of times where things were doing on different way, is not an Epiphone of those we know today. His secret is simply... tone, playability and versatility this **** plays like a dream... the neck is really wonderful. Jim Walker knew what they do. The Custom version is simply gorgeous, all the details are very well made, the natural abalone inlays, ( not plastic) adds a touch of distinction that generally only has the most expensive guitars. I think that over the years its value will continue to rise as more people are aware and know his history. Here I leave some videos of bands that use an Epiphone Genesis as lead guitar for those who do not know the Genesis and wants to hear his sound. demo/test Rock/experimental/alternative
  11. hi Mr Rossenberg,

    I think that should give Gary Clark Jr as endorser of the Epiphone Genesis, it would great to see him on a stage with, and certainly would give great

    sales, Think about it

  12. hi friends, check this out, here is a Genesis rocking! thanks Jim!
  13. hi Mr Rosenberg

    im a Photographer and Graphic Designer, if you need some good photos or some AD designs for the new Genesis Pro feel free to call me, would be a dream for me to participate in this project, honestly I did not like the graphic part on the Genesis PRO proyect.

    I think i could be very useful for you! and cheap!

    think about it!

    check my site

  14. hi Dan, CONGRATS!! nice Geni! looks good for 30 years old... i have 2 Genesis Custom. The nibs on the end of the frets are one of the big differences between my 79 Custom and my 80 Custom. In my 79 the finish are beautiful, on the 80s Custom version are is slightly different, more the like yours pics shows, Both guitars are great, sound, and feel. here is the nibs on the 79 unit. ************* Edit: here is few anothers pics!
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