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  1. I already have the Goldtop one.I liked it so much I was thinking about picking up the Honeyburst one.I knew this was a limited run deal,I am just glad I got mine when I did.I had to do some upgrades to get my Goldtop to my liking,but I would say this LP and my old Ibanez Artist get equal jam time in practice and gigs.I paid $800 plus tax locally for my tribute, plus roughly $150 in upgrades and I really couldn't be more satisfied.My first Gibson and worth every penny.
  2. According to Musicians Friend the 50's Tribute Humbucker Les Paul has been discontinued.
  3. So it sounds like only 1 of them are going to fit,and I am going to have to exchange the other one for whichever one fits(neck or bridge)?I still haven't gotten them yet,they should be here Wed.Oh well,that's life.Thanks for the info.
  4. Thanks for the info guys.I guess I could have answered my own question with a little digging.I have the gold top dark back LP and the one in the thread looks sweet with chrome covers on it.I ordered the chrome covers and some gold speed knobs from MF.I find the bell knobs hard to adjust on the fly.I have already installed the locking Klusons and once I get my new stuff put on I will post some pics.Thanks......
  5. Hey guys,do any of yinz know if the standard Gibson pickup covers sold on MF and GC will fit the pickups on a 50's tribute humbucker LP (490r-498t)?.I like the look of covered pickups better than open.Also,I am not afraid of putting a couple dabs of solder to hold them in place,but is there any negatives about installing these and jamming at extremely loud volume?(feedback issues) Thanks........
  6. Yes.I have a 50's Tribute Humbucker Les Paul(Gold Top)and it would not stay in tune at all.I tune down to C and do alot of crazy bends,and it was going out of tune mid song.I installed Kluson KB3L tuners and they work great.They are a drop in replacement for standard LP tuners(no mods).The locking nut is on top instead of underneath the headstock but they work.I now only have to retune every 2-4 songs.I got them from Musicians Friend for roughly $100.00.
  7. I installed the Planet Waves tuners on a cheap strat that I have,other than having to drill new screw holes in the back of the headstock they work great.I also like how they cut the string for you too,nice clean look.I thought about these for my LP but did not want to have to drill new holes.I have already installed the Kluson locking tuners and they fit great on my LP(no mods).Having the locking buttons on top looks a little strange but no big deal.While I was at it I rubbed the baked maple board down with some lemon oil and it darkened it slightly.(Which I was hoping for).My band jams this weekend so we will see how the new lockers work out....Thanks
  8. Even though I tune down I still use normal .10 gauge packs of strings.I pulled the trigger on the Kluson locking tuners and should have them in a couple of days.I am to the point where I don't care if the locking thing is on top of the headstock instead of underneath just as long as they work,which I've read they do.....Thanks
  9. Hey guys,just registered and this is my first post.I just bought a 50's tribute humbucker Les Paul Gold Top.This is my first Gibson ever,and I think I love it.I never really thought they justified the price before,but after getting to jam on one everyday, I get it now.I tune to a drop C for the type of music my band jams and I bend more than I thought I did.I have to retune my LP after every song.I know Kluson makes locking tuners that fit a LP with no mods but the locking mech is on top of the headstock instead of a thumb screw underneath.I have not been able to find any close up pictures of the headstock with the Kluson locking tuners installed.If any of yinz guys have the the locking Kluson's and can post a good pic of what they look like installed I would appreciate it.Or if you can suggest a different brand of locking tuner you have installed that works good.I have an old Ibanez Artist I installed locking tuners on and it cuts my retuning down to about every three songs,but I had to ream out the peg holes and drill new screw holes etc...etc....If I have to install the Klusons I will, but I would love to see a good pic of them installed before I spend a $100 on them.Thanks guys.
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