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  1. I just got an ac15 last week and I have to ask how you're setting it because I don't really see why you'd need an OD pedal with that amp for your genre.


    Plug into the top boost channel, turn your preamp and master volumes all the way up, and use your guitar's volume knob and pick attack to control the level of dirt. For the "smooth blues lead" sound you've been asking about, use this same amp setting with the neck pickup of your Tele and the tone control rolled off a bit.


    I don't have the 2nd channel on mine. Iv'e decided to get a timmy it overdrives my clean tone not change it and distort it. And we can get pretty rocky with some of the songs we play.

  2. I play a telecaster through a vox ac15 on Wednesdays form my church. Should I get a tap tempo delay? I really like the aqua puss but the does not have a tap tempo. I like warm delays. What does a tap tempo actually do and how do you use it? If I'm playing quarter notes really fast I just tap it as fast as I'm going and then the delays mimic that? I don't understand.

  3. I can get the EHX Memory Boy for $186 new or the Wayhuge aqua puss for $100 new5 or tc nova for $175. Which is better? The only reason I would get the EHX over WayHuge is the tap tempo. Is tap tempo that important? Whst other pedals shoud I use? Mxr carbon copy? Boss gigi? I have a telecaster and les paul and play through a vox ac15 and do worship music at church, and rock and blues.

  4. So this post might seem like a joke but I am very serious. I play in my church band on wednesdays. I want a neck that I can play on really smooth and that is flat. Would a schecter hellraiser be a good choice. From what i've seen the necks are amazing! I would keep the guitar on clean for the most part. Some songs I put a metal pedal on for a solo or chorus but would the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 be good for what I am wanting it for. I can get a used one for $400

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