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  1. I wish I had enough money for the g2d cream tone! That and the analogman tone king are my dream pedals!
  2. I have a Epihpone Les Paul and am wanting to know yall's favoirte settings on a vox ac15? I play mostly light blues at my house and fairly clean chords at church on wednesdays. I'm never good with tweaking with settings I always seem to mess the sound up. :mellow:
  3. Yes I have messed with it for a few hours. I'm not a fan of the green rhino. I'm very disappointed with my ocd I thought it would meet my needs. Is the ts9 what I'm looking for?
  4. Yes I have messed with it for a few hours. I'm not a fan of the green rhino. I'm very disappointed with my ocd I thought it would meet my needs. Is the ts9 what I'm looking for?
  5. I'm sorry for the repeat posts. I ordered a Fulltone OCD and don't like it very much. It sounds alot like a fuzz pedal to me. I want an overdrive that is something that will be a "always on pedal" I've heard people say the Ts9 is a pedal like this and so is the Voodoo lab sparkle drive. I need something that will sound good with basic powerchords "lead electric worship music" I have a epiphone les paul with a vox ac15.
  6. I am about to purchase one but don't know which one to purchase. What are the pros and cons of each pedal? I play a Epiphone Les Paul Custom through a Voxac15 and play in my church band. I want something that has good clarity and can sound great at different settings.
  7. It will not double in value BUT since the year 2000 the price of 70's gibsons have increased about 12% a year. I think a fair price would be between $3500 and $4000
  8. Pray about it! I love fenders and if you can get one for a good price from a seller get it! Phones will always be a fixed price but a specail guitar you want might be more expensive from another seller later on down the road
  9. Roland Cubes are great especially for Jazz. Get a Vox Valtronoix! They are super cheap and sound like a tube amp! These are the best solid state amps you can get that sound like a tube amp!
  10. Ask him for a picture of the back of the body. Lots of times they don't spend much time on the back. Everything looks legit to me except the head stock, so it could be fake. Email him and ask how he can sell it for so low? If he makes up a BS excuse you know its fake.
  11. I want a overdrive/distortion pedal that is going to give me a distorted sound with a clarity of the notes and chords. I find alot with them you get a muddy sound and the clarity is muddy. Also would the OCD be a good choice?
  12. Thanks everyone! I actually am also considering the Full Tone OCD!
  13. So many! I'm still learning though Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns n' Roses Hey Jude- Beatles Texas Flood- SRV Johhny B. Goode- Chuck berry!
  14. I saw the sparkle drive under the overdrive section! What is a wampler Plex like? Is it as clear as the sparkle drive?
  15. My friend has a tube screamer and its awesome and its a classic but I'm about to buy my first pedal and I'm deciding between these two. The sparkle Drive is suppose to have nice clarity which is a plus for me because most overdrive pedals muddy the clarity somewhat. Which one do ya'll like best?
  16. I have an Epiphone Les Paul and a Vox ac15, and I want to buy my first distortion pedal! I don't need anything to distorted and I want the sound to be distorted while the clarity of the notes is still clear. I would like to stay under $150 dollars. What is the difference between overdrive and distortion?
  17. I can get the Tweaker for 550$ new at guitarcenter. I cant drive yet and I live an hour away from guitar center so whenever I go I cant stay very long. I am asking about voxac15 and the Egnater tweaker. I hear lots of good things about both of these amps. I play in a church band and would like some clean tones. Nothing heavy metal. I know the tweaker can get both sounds but I don't know about the voxac15. I am not locked in to any specific tones but I want an amp that can get loud and stay fairly clean and that can work good with pedals. Which one of these 2 are better. I only have 550$
  18. Thanks guys! The reason I'm asking is I dont want to purchase a amp and not know about it. What do yall think of the egnater tweaker?
  19. I have posted this topic alot but all I get is things about buying a used fender that's out of my price range. I want a clean amp that is good with pedals and preferably no more than 500. If the vox ac15 is so good its worth 100$ more I will get it. I dont like the fender blues junior. I have a epiphone les paul and I want clean maybe some jazz, blues , light rock sound. Is the marshall class 5 good for me? If not can the distortion be fixed with a wah pedal and chorus pedal?
  20. I never hear about egnter amps but theres one in my price range i can afford the egnater tweaker. I want a good clean sound I have a epiphone les paul
  21. I have a epiphone les paul and will be playing in a church youth group band this fall. I like to play a bluesy rock kind of music and would like to play country in the future. I have tried out the marshall class 5 and I loved it but I got the feeling its used for hard rock and metal, Im just wanting a clean sound maybe with a delay and wah pedal and tube screamer nothing to fancy. I want a amp that is known for good clean sound not a metal amp that I can get good clean sound out of at low volume. I have tried fender blues junior and just dont like it
  22. I have a Les Paul and Line 6 spider. It sounds good for a blues sound but is to expensive. Line 6 amps focus on versatility in sound but the quality isn't the best. I suggest a cab amp with a fender bass-man pedal. It has great sound to it and is at a low price!
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