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  1. first of all, coilSPLIT and coilTAP is NOT the same thing. second, if your guidar already has a Floyd Rose, just buy a Dirty Fingers and put it in there
  2. Doug Aldrich has a signaturs set with John Suhr
  3. if you want those pickups, you should buy them you don't go to GM to have them build a Ferrari do you?
  4. if you had posted those picture before the purchase, you might just have saved yourself a few $$$
  5. judging by your preference for 80's metal and classic rock, you can't go wrong with a JB from Seymour Duncan or a Super Distortion from DiMarzio
  6. I can only speak for myself, but the sole reason the only electric guitar I own right now is a Flying V is because of Michael Schenker ...and although I enjoy listening to metal music, I don't necessarily wanna play it...atleast not al the time I tend to lean towards the 70s side of music
  7. I'm sure you meant coil-splitting which let's you play your humbucker in singlecoil mode? coil-tapping is something completely different however, as you suspected, getting a 2-conductor pickup won't let you split the humbucker.
  8. well, atleast you can tell if they're DirtyFingers or not
  9. why not just send an e-mail to Allparts? I'm sure they'd be happy to help
  10. how did all this turn out? I'm curious
  11. mine was just ordered, so naturally, it's not here yet <_< buuuut...when it does get here I'm doing an accompanied unboxing video
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