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  1. Called bob colossi himself! Had installed at my local gc. The luthier there does awesome work for a great price! I use him for setups and smaller jobs!
  2. Just wanted to share. Had my bone nut and saddle swapped for a fossilised walrus ivory nut and saddle and pins on my aj. Turned a great guitar into a perfect instrument clarity was drastically increased added a hair better note separation, added about 25% more volume I actually switched to a thinner pick because it was so much louder! Added a touch of brightness especially when playing with a capo! Its an 06 aj short scale, parts were from colossi even seemed to make tuning easier and holds tuning better maybe its just me but I'm in love.
  3. Ya the guy backed out on the deal we had via email who would've thunk! Once I get a free weekend I'll go to my dealer and check them out maybe cash they'd budge a bit
  4. See that seems to be the general consensus. I just really shouldn't be spending 5000 on a guitar though i really have it and want too. I want a model 1 due to affordability and my dealer is a trance dealer and can put in a pickup for like 1500. so i figure if i dont like the guitar i can always just resell it. but i came across 1 and offered the guy 3200 for it and he said he'd accept. I was just really wanting to hear the guitar in person my dealer has 2 but they wont go below 4250 out the door and i can save 1000 on that for a new one from my guy.
  5. Awesome work and two very good sounding acoustics! Even that martin sounds phenomenal
  6. I wanna buy another guitar. Inevitable I'm looking at the Jackson browne I found a wonderful deal that's affordablefor me and if like HONEST input as to if your jb is your absolute favorite. Currently have an aj short scale custom I'm in love with. My j45 TV is for sale cause I fell in love with the wide neck. 4000 is serious money so I want dead honesty thanks
  7. Trade him your martin and then trade me your j200 for my j45
  8. Replied will get pictures asap
  9. It's a true vintage model which go for 2700 to 3000 new. No offense taken just figured if throw it out there which 2300 was including shipping overseas.
  10. i paid 3100 for it less then a year ago im in ct and would take 2300 shipped im or email me ill send over pictures
  11. Haha i wanted a guitar with a wider finger board because i hurt my hand and those bar chords are a little troublesome for me nowadays
  12. I just got a j45 tv done in wine red its gorgeous with bone pins and vintage bone nut and saddle with a factory lr baggs system in it that im looking to sell because i just bought a wildwood custom aj
  13. Hey good choice. Money was an issue when I first bought my very own Gibson and I thought well a pro has the same tone woods as a real bird so why not. I ended up swapping out for a real bird when one arrived a few days later at the store. The hummingbird I bought sung a completely different song then my pro and I ended up upgrading to it. They just aren't the same guitars I don't think they take the same amount of time to build them and that's y they're cheaper. Its 100% worth saving the extra 500 to buy a real hummingbird. They're so much better looking and sounding and resale is double what
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