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  1. I agree that you should just get a tele if you want that tele sound, split coils will only do so much. I just got my tele and it is awesome (for a grand it better be)
  2. I am slowly working on the setup. Got my string height just about where i want it, then just a little intonation and raising the bridge pickup a little bit so its more present in the middle position.
  3. I know dimarzio will let you exchange a pickup if you decide you dont like it, im sure the other big pickup makers would do the same
  4. 2012 fender american standard telecaster ash with hand rubbed amber stain. Just strung it up with cobalt 11s. Only reason im posting this and not playing the hell out of it is that im eating a pizza. Heres a shot of it:
  5. I see more builds in your future! As your first build, how does it play? If it plays half as good as it looks, im sure it is a real treat!
  6. Is that from Precision Guitar Kits? I was looking into one before my beloved nashville dc jr popped up at a used music store, $700 out the door!
  7. Minis were created to put in a P90 body rout. If you want to swap minis for fulls, you're gonna have to do some routing. Id say just swap out the bridge mini for a P90 and call it a day
  8. I had a 94 villager that burned to a crisp back in april of 2006. I remember rushing to get my martin and my harmonicas out of it before the smoke signals started. I will try to find a picture... I was very upset because i had just filled up the gas tank too
  9. Lazerface


    Congrats! Wish i had the 800 to spend on one...
  10. As Jim Morrison said: "I am a saggittarius, the most philosophical of all the signs. But I don't believe in it, I think it's a bunch of bullshit!" Also, Astronomy is fact, Astrology is what we are talking about here, and THAT is the bs.
  11. I recently upped my gauge to 13s. I figured since i play 12s on electric i should have heavier strings on my acoustics (i also tune 1/2 step down) ive been thinking about upping the gauge yet again, however. Ive seen no talk of 14 gauged strings...
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