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  1. I am suggesting a "club" for owners of the original Buddy Blaze/Vivian Campbell designed NightSwan from the late 80s. This is one of the premiere shredder guitars of the day. Who else has one??
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to LP Jrs. I have several LPs (2 customs, 2 limiteds, 1 special, 1 classic and 3 standards). I'm looking at a 1956 LP Jr. The serial number looks accurate except that it was stamped in dark colored ink. All of the others I've seen during my research show the serial number stamped in light colored ink. Does anyone know if some of the '56 LP Jrs were stamped with dark ink? Attaching a photo of my Gibsons...the only one not in the photo is a SG Classic that I keep at work. Thanks!!
  3. I just picked up the new Gibson Les Paul Junior Special with humbuckers in a gloss tobacco burst finish. It has a bound baked maple fretboard. I too was hesitant about the baked maple, but after playing this guitar, I'm sold on it. It looks great and sounds great. And my wife loves the look of the gloss tobacco burst. I actually have a somewhat (at least for me) substantial collection of Les Pauls and although this is the least expensive I have, I really like it. Others in my collection are 1) 1995 Les Paul Classic in cherry sunburst with DiMarzio super distortion (bridge) and 36th Anniversary PAF (neck) pickups, 2) late 90's 1954 Les Paul Custom Historic in black, 3) 2007 Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS, 4) 2010 Custom Shop Les Paul Custom in Alpine White with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups, 5) 2004 Les Paul Standard Limited (Antique) in Sante Fe Red numbered 152/275, 6) 2007 Guitar of the Week Les Paul Antique painted by Tom Morgan with Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups, and 7) 2006 Epiphone Zakk Wylde signature Les Paul in Antique White with Bullseye graphic. I also have a 2010 Gibson ES-339 and a late 80's Gibson SG90 with a Gibson-licensed Floyd Rose tremolo (it actually has Gibson marked on the trem!) in Antique White...although I did have to switch out the scratch plate because the material from the original was actually causing the metal parts on the guitar to rust.
  4. I just picked up a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Jr Special with 2 humbuckers in gloss Tobacco Burst. Picked it up at Island Guitars in Honolulu, Hawaii. I checked the web and can only find photos of this model from NAMM. It comes with a bound baked maple fretboard. I actually own several Gibson Les Pauls and only stopped by Island Guitars to see Peter, the on-staff guitar tech who has worked on several of my Les Pauls and one of my PRS. Since my wife was shopping elsewhere, I thought I'd pick up a gutiar and jam a little while Peter helped another customer. I was absolutely amazed at the quality of this guitar...especially with the bound fretboard. When my wife came by, she said "that guitar is beautiful...we need to take that home"...so we did. Jammed it through my Mesa for about 2 hours and really like the tone that comes from it. It came with a gigbag, but thankfully I had an extra SKB Les Paul hardcase, so this baby is now protected. This new model is certainly worth checking out...it's definitely worth the money!
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