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  1. How to find your external drive when using a MAC... Some users have called in / requested support for certain OS version of MAC... The screen shots should help... alhtough only a few clicks i posted almost every screenshot to assist. there's also a QuickGrid Install Video (for PC & MAC)
  2. The file you are looking for is the image here http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/82646-scratchlive-20vsl-beta-preset-new/ You also may want to take a look at my modified version of the same preset here: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/82629-my-ssl-23-preset-a-decent-attempt/ Hope this helps, Peace, B~
  3. All of this is addressed in your Quick Start Guide - (not to mention the manual) :) 1, M3U playlists appear in the playlist section but are empty. A: I would organize the folder structure how i wish and generate device playlists, this is better than M3U's from some media player 2, 500GB WD Passport Drive does not load up under devices A: It will probably take a looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnggggggg time if you have not used quickgrid first. 3, Quickgrid is V1, is there a newer version for mac as it takes over 27hrs to analyze 32Gb or Music. A: Yes goto the product page www.stantondj.com/scs4dj and download the version for MAC - also read the FAQ tab on the product page it's super helpful for your do's and dont's >>> Make sure you drive is properly formatted as well Hope this helps, B~
  4. No this is not normal - something went wrong w/ the update the drive may have been corrupted, the power may have been surged / disconnected or the thumb drive got bumped (removed) please try: >>> While powering the unit on hold the down >>> (-)pitch bend button on deck A and the (+)pitch bend button on deck B at the same time. >>> A command line prompt will appear from there follow the instructions If this does give you a screen like the above attachment (previous reply) then contact customer service ASAP they will get you a new unit. Hope this helps, B~
  5. Thanks Voitano - I can't make any promises about the next release but this will be considered.
  6. Depending on how or what you used to create the playlists you should be able to do one of two things 1) Generate Device Playlists - this will create playlists based on how your folders are organized 2) If your folders are not organized and you use a 3rd party organizer like iTunes/WMP/MediaMonkey or other you can verify the songs have not been moved or re-ranged by the music manager and either recopy the .M3U file to the same location as the music files and/or 'Rebuild Song Database' To Rebuild / Generate simply navigate to SYSTEM > DEVICES > select your device name and proceed w/ desired function. Hope this helps, B~
  7. In the U.K. Focusrite is the distributor they should be able to provide a list of authorized service centers / perform repairs under warranty for your products. hope this helps, B~
  8. Is this just in one channel or both? have you tried using a contact cleaner? (take the knob off and spray the shaft-while mixer is unplugged) If the problem persists contact customer service and have them issue an RA 18004Gibson or service@gibson.com Hope this helps, Peace, B~
  9. Thanks for the honest & constructive feedback, I'm guessing by now you've downloaded some of the newer firmware that addresses most of your issues. I too was having problems w/ iTunes moving filepaths around in the playlists which is why i just use the 'Generate Device Playlists" option under SYSTEM > DEVICES > One thing i tend to do now when i'm copying files to be used on my external hardrive - I create playlists like normal in iTunes (for organization's sake) but when i copy them over to the external i use w/ the SCS4 i simply create a folder with the playlist name and just generate the playlists as i stated above. And keep in mind you can always turn off 'Auto Analyze' in case you add a thumb-drive to play a request from someone. Honestly the SCS4DJ isn't for everyone but it definitely gives you more than what you pay for, when you consider how much a 'cheap' traditional controller is not to mention adding the price of a netbook & software. Hope this helps, I plan to make some Firmware Feature Update Videos very-very soon to show how to get the best from your unit. Peace, B~
  10. From my experiences PC's are far worse than MAC's but even some MAC's USB port is sharing power w/ a camera or other internal device.. Try using a USB "Y" cable so that you have two ports sending power to the C4 or you can try an external power supply as BX stated. This is not a problem just with this audio device (C4) but any 24bit USB audio device, yet (from what i can tell) the frequency of the pitch (noise) appears to differ from device to device. You can also try playing w/ various setting in VDJ Pro there are TONS of settings aside from latency that can affect the audio. Hope this helps, B~
  11. Thanks TimmyG, if you can post some pics and comments on our Facebook page about your experience... https://www.facebook.com/StantonDJ We are now randomly selecting users for gifts and swagg. :) Peace, B~
  12. I'll have to check w/ the software developers but If I'm not mistaken some controls actually don't pass midi by default (like the EQ) I was asking for Gain since before the product launch and we debated several options and unfortunately using the EQ knobs was not possible at that time - the other option was just to put a +4dB & +6dB button in the soft buttons (sort of how Hot Cue's currently open a window) but i think most beta testers chose the Dial - I'll pass along your suggestion but i'm not sure if we can mess w/ the EQ knobs as easily, ones that currently pass MIDI Hope this helps, B~
  13. The link to the program itself always lives on the Product Page http://www.stantondj.com/stanton-controllers-systems/system3.html The link to the preset depends on what DJ/Lighting program (FYI Virtual DJ does not need DaRouter/Preset) http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/forum/121-scs3-presets/
  14. If you look at the original image showing the template it's basically the same as mine. You have to tap VINYL twice until it turns purple, then you can use the center of the 3d to scratch the song/video. Remember it's not as absoloute as using the vinyl timecode but it works in case of emergency. Hope this helps, B~
  15. Here's a little something i did a while ago, when i first starting using the unit in public.
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