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  1. I noticed that the P-90 pickup on my LP Junior is pretty far from the strings. So my question is: What is the best distance between the P-90 and the strings to get the best sound ? Thanks.
  2. Run

    Gibson LP Junior

    Thanks, knowing that it's normal, I just inserted a thin shim to bring it parallel and have to say that there's a Roland GK pickup installed on this guitar to drive a Roland VG-88 sound module and this makes it a bit more difficult to ajust the bridge.
  3. Run

    Gibson LP Junior

    Hi, I noticed that the bridge on my Gibson Les Paul Junior (with GeForce tuner) is not at level. There is an angle (see pic) when setup is done. Is this normal ? or if not what is wrong ? Thanks.
  4. https://www.gearnews.com/gibson-creditors-want-new-ceo-offering-rescue-deal/ :-(
  5. Is this true ? https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/gibson-guitars-debt/
  6. There were two pages with more replies concerning this post...where is the second one containing one of my reply? So I write it again: On my LP Jr, I replaced the bronze nut with the titanium one I received from Gibson and used some graphite, I placed the P-90 pickup a little closer and parallel to the strings (using small rubber shims) and now it stays in tune and the sound is much better. I love this guitar and after following all the instructions regarding the G Force system it tunes perfectly.
  7. I replaced the nut with the free titanium one, raised the P-90 pickup a little and place it parallel to the strings (using small rubber shims) followed all the instructions regarding the GForce tuning system and now I love the sound and playability of my 2015 Jr. that is a good companion of my US Stratocaster and my old weird Casio (always working well) MG 500.
  8. Saw this video and I'd appreciate comments about it... goes deep because it's related to headstock angle fabrication.
  9. Saw this video and I'd appreciate comments about it... goes deep because it's related to headstock angle fabrication.
  10. Here's a nice video showing Greg Lake (died on Dec 7th 2016) singing: "I beleive in Father Christmas" on acoustic (Martin) with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) on flute, David Arch on keyboards, Florian Opahle on acoustic (Gibson Sidewinder) and a church choir...and by the way best wishes to you all. ;-)
  11. I'm talking about dropping the whole guitar a full step down. DGCFAD.
  12. Thanks, do the 5th and 6th strings sound muddier wit that gauge?
  13. Hi, I'm using Martin Lifespan SP on my Songwriter and I find that singing in drop D tuning makes it easier to sing many songs but using light 11-52 (even after ajusting the neck) induce a lot of buzzing frets; so will using heavier gauge solve the problem and what gauge is the best ? Thanks.
  14. Run

    Amps attenuator

    Thanks for these info...I've already found one on Kiijii. It will be useful only when I'll be using channel one since this channel has a gain and volume controls and give an OD sound.
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