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    335 Solid body

    very nice! I have one in sunburst that I love. Whats the fretboard wood on the one you have?
  2. solly


    Thanks, I purchased mine through Sweetwater. As far as the case goes, it came with a hardshell case, I think it is a normal Gibson 335 case but Im not totally sure.
  3. solly


    Picked up this re-issue 335-S a little over a week ago and have been playing it non-stop! This is a very cool guitar, solid maple body, maple neck with Granandilla fingerboard, Burstbucker I & II pickups. pics:
  4. solly

    P-90 Club!!!!

    im in love with p90's right now. Here is my GC LP SPecial. Glass finish with bound neck. What a great guitar.
  5. I bought one of these a few weeks ago from GC and I agree, it is a fantastic guitar. I was actually there looking to buy a strat when i saw the special. I forgot all about strats after i picked it up and played it.
  6. solly

    The Studio club

    thanks guy, i really love this guitar
  7. solly

    The Studio club

    heres my '08 Studio
  8. Here is my '08 Studio Fireburst
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