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  1. I have the 61 VOS SG with Maestro and here is what mine has in it. It started off stock and belonged to Brian Ray (Paul McCartney's guitar player) then it went to (now the good stuff for you) Todd Youth (Murphy's Law/Dgeneration/Warzone/Ace Frehley/Danzig/Glen Campbell and ETC.). He put in a Motor City Custom Wind PU in it. This baby rocks, perfect for palm muting. It is a beast. You can nail Pennywise and Epitaph era of Offspring no problem. Fletcher you will be, only smaller I hope.
  2. I sure hope to get to the end of this one day. Not very hopeful though.
  3. Thanks, I do. I have had it now for over ten years. Did 4 Noel shows this year alone. We are massive fans. It def went to a good home.
  4. Thanks, I read the same info. We have been to that shop on Denmark. There are some killer shops there. I think we will never know exactly how it came to life. The guitar plays and sounds great. Very different that my 90's Sheraton II. Now sure why though. Someday I will have some one open her up to see what kind of PUs are in there.
  5. Hi that would be nice but not sure it came from Noel's camp. He signed the guitar for me and the never said a word. I should have said something when he did it but I felt odd having him sign it. He has always been cool when we talk to him I just usually ask him to sing a record or poster. As a matter of fact I am going to my 4th solo Noel show next month in DC. I can't wait!
  6. I knew it was not a stock model for sure. I was/am hoping whoever did the work may read this thread. For all I know it could be a prototype of Noel's model because it sure looks more accurate than the one that came out.
  7. Great discussion, thanks for the input. Maybe I will get lucky and the guy/girl who did the work will be on this forum.
  8. I have compared them in person just never thought to look at the label. The model Epiphone came out with really was a joke. Not sure outside of money why Noel agreed to it. I must say joke only in that the Union Jack looks nothing really like his outside of the paint job.
  9. I really have no reason to believe it is not a real Epiphone at least not yet. Hopefully someone with a Noel model can tell me/us what their label says. To me I believe it is a modded Sheraton II but who knows?
  10. I agree, I guess when they put in the Mini HB's they covered the screw holes from the original HBs. Some one really too some time on this. The color is off from Noel's but it crazy close. It is a lot of work for a player that most of the US could care less about.
  11. OK, I just blew up the picture the reason I never noticed the EE is because it is HE. I feel a little better now.
  12. You know I never noticed the misspelled name. I had Noel sign it years ago and it was never brought up. I got Noel to sign the guitar years ago so it def a piece I will have for many years to come. I wonder why someone would bother to black at the serial#?
  13. So I bought this guitar roughly 10 tens ago. It has always been a mystery to me. So here is what I know: It was originally bought at a Dallas guitar show I bought it from Michael Guthrie in Athens The sticker says it is a Sheraton II (plays/feels nothing like my mid 90's Sheraton II) Sticker also says Noel Gallagher model (this looks more like his Union Jack than the ones Epi made years ago including the correct tailpiece and pickups) It plays and sounds great. On the back of the headstock it has Custom plate Of course the serial# has been blackened out. I think I can read the la
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