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  1. If I were you, I'll take the guitar to DC and try to ask him if the guitar is the same (or, at least, an original one) from Maine Road. It's so hard to do, i know, but if you got a sign at your guitar, I think you can ask it :)
  2. Hey people! Take a look at this one, taken from Maine Road DVD: Same guitar, isn't it? I'm a HUGE fan of Noel and all his work, and I think that the guitar could be real. Not the Supernova, but a custom Noel Gallagher's Sheraton (a personal one, I mean). Noel is known by the use of Gibson Archtop guitars (not Epiphone) since he is famous (Definitely Maybe, 94) and if you search, there's no videos or notice that he ACTUALLY used his sign model (a.k.a Supernova) in concerts, videoclips or etc. The guitar in question, obviously, is NOT a supernova, but it could be a special finish ma
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