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  1. Nice guitar. I too got one on sale but the single pickup version. I initially stopped at a GC and did not like the two they had, body made of too many pieces , sky high action, rough neck, etc. A day later I was heading to a show and needed to kill about 20 minutes, stopped by another GC and there it was a black one , two-piece body where you can hardly tell where the joint is, a lovely neck, etc. very well made but heavy for a Jr, almost 8 pounds. The guitar had a nick, negotiated the price to $515, the guys at GC were nice. I am very happy with it, it hangs nice and low, siper slim neck and great sounding P90.
  2. Damn tornado really put a hurt on that long *** path it took. I live in the south side of Nashville and it is hilly around here, tornadoes typically prefer flatter areas. Searcy is OK, he's northwest of the city, bad blues player is in east TN I believe, I wonder if Big Tim? is OK I slept hard that night and it bothered me the next day because I had no idea there were warnings, woke up to multiple messages, texts, school cancellation, my work emergency contact, etc. I woke up in a daze wondering what the hell was going on, as the news kept coming I realized the magnitude of the loss of life and damage. There are a bunch of benefit shows happening and I hope this virus does not throw a wrench on those plans. There are some confirmed cases in the area.
  3. My favorite Kelloggs granola bars became tiny, so I switched to Kashi cereal bars and those not only got smaller after a while but terrible. A really good steak burger place in the neighborhood shrank the size of their paddies for sure just to name a few. Their chicken wings became "one pound" meaning 10, not a dozen. But what's worse is how expensive Nashville has become in the last 5 years since a world of people from California, New York and other places have moved here. $6 Miller Lites at the honky tonks, WTF. This place is almost unrecognizable.
  4. I wanted to enter the contest to win that guitar but I was super busy those days and simply did not get to make a video, I had a few ideas on what to do but oh well. I do wonder who won the guitar.
  5. Congratulations on your anniversary. Be glad it did not coincide with the NFL draft that drew 600,000 people. The rest of the the town is empty right now. Nashville has grown at a crazy pace the last 4 years, it is nuts. I have lived 23 years here and it is crazy to see this once small city to grow like that. You do not mention what dates you are coming down but...(oops I see you said May) Downtown is mandatory, Honky Tonks, the earlier in the day the better to avoid the crazy crowds. Beer tastes good during the day too. Hot Chicken is a must, even if you get the mild, Pepperfire, Hattie B's, Prince's. Guitar shops, unless you are wanting to look at some high end stuff, I'd skip it. You have GCs in your town. The area by Third Man Records Studio/Store (Jack White) not far from downtown has some breweries nearby. Look up the area to see if you are interested. East Nashville, a very short Uber ride and you are in Hipster/Artist/Musician and Gentrifiers live there. There are a few cool bars and restaurants. For Pizza go to 5 Points Pizza. Vanderbilt Area or "West End" there are a few cool bars, Chuy's Mexican Restaurant is a chain but it's cool and probably you do not have one on your neck of the woods. Centennial Park for a daytime walk, and look at the Parthenon. Classic stuff. Also on the West End. The Opry House is on the East-ish Side, not proper East Nashville but only the Opry Mills Mall is nearby and a bunch of cheesy country shops. Id' skip it. If you happen to be here on June 8th The Rock N' Roll Residency is playing a show and that would be a must. They are bringing the guys from That Metal Show for comedic entertainment. (Not Eddie but the other two)
  6. Ebony is cool but IMO it is wasted on guitars like an LP Custom were the inlays cover 40%+ of the fretboard. I just polished the Ebony fretboard on my V using a micromesh pad and slighlty oiled it and it looks simply great.
  7. Acetone melts binding but it also melts the nitro finish of course. If you do not feel it while playing I would leave it alone.
  8. Not a fan, everybody knows pre-civil war SGs are the best.
  9. Wow, that's fantastic. So many details. Thanks for posting.
  10. Riffster

    2013 LPJ

    The only downside of the 490/498 combo in this particular case is that they are the version that comes with the black plastic covers, the cover also acts as the tabs that hold the screws for the the pickup to stay in place. Not a real issue I guess, just the faux EMG pickup look. On my 2013 SGJ I removed the covers, added a normal baseplate with tabs and added nickel no-hole covers since this version of the pickup does not have adjustable pole pieces.
  11. I flipped the cab logo and didn't bother with the silly crest. I think it looks better this way.
  12. Ouch, I bought a low profile switchcraft toggle switch for my semihollow Ibanez from the eBay seller The Art of Tone for $18 and it is the smoothest switch ever including all other switchcraft switches on my other guitars. I really like it and it is even better because the smooth action means less noise switching on a semihollow. The low profile is the actual switch mechanism being shorter than a standard les Paul.
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