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  1. I am glad to hear the news. Good luck on your new job.
  2. Don’t quit your job though. It didn’t even prompt me to google it.
  3. Still modding my Marshallized Epiphone Valve Junior. This time only cosmetic stuff. But I did it to open some room for some switches. I love tinkering with stuff and I also love this head, it sounds great using an attenuator. From this: to this:
  4. Nothing like a good Metallica bashing, The apple of discord among metal fans. I have seen them twice on this tour and have my ticket for the Nashville show. I grew up with them and the thrash era, before they took over the world. No, they are not what they used to be, the enormous success of the (boring) black album just about killed them. I do however like Death Magnetic a lot and I wished they played more songs from that album live. Those impromptu jams are nothing more than that, a small tribute, a small surprise, you either are OK with it or go grab a beer. I do not think they even play the full song. I saw them in Atlanta last time and they killed it, they did put on a good show better than other aging bands of the same era.
  5. I recently had that CD in my car. So are you calling him out or do you agree? Or “rock with your c**k out” another possible way to rock?
  6. I have never had an issue with superglue. Once the nut is tight place it in a way that it is horizontal, one drop on either side and it automatically runs into the threads. but I do use superglue fairly often on my kids toys and has become easy for me to use it.
  7. I use schoolers on my les Paul , gotta have them due to the placement and angle of the top strap knob. On guitars with a heel strap button grommets re fine as the strap is not pulling away. I put two drops of superglue on the strap lock nut and now they do not come lose anymore.
  8. There it is, not a lot to this one. I replaced the pickup with a $20 dogear P90 that sounds pretty good. 9.2kohms, alnico 5 magent Alpha pots and a witchcraft jack. Witch hat knobs (had already installed those in the previous pic) Tulip tuners and a proper adjustable bridge. About $120 all in and happ with it, perfect for slide.
  9. I had an early double jet electromatic that I bought used. Very much a lackluster guitar. I removed the silly stock pickups and installed filtertrons and the guitar got better by like 10% Mine was an absolute boat anchor, about 11 pounds, super skinny neck and stupid neck joint because despite of being double cut they do not re-tool their CNCs much and leave the neck joint the same as the single cut. The American/Japanese versions I think are different in this regard. I sold mine, I regretted that I bought it. Now, I am happy with my Epiphone Wildkat. And if you get an electromatic don't join Gretsch forums, they won't give you the time of day.
  10. Riffster

    CMA Fest

    Telecasters reign supreme in Nashville, whether it is country or hipsters. At some point it isn't even how they sound but rather it is about image. Jazzmasters have become popular with the hipsters too. The guys from Thee Rock n Roll Residency are now sponsored by Vintage Guitars so while they play a lot of Gibson style guitars they are Vintage brand. Gibson should sponsor those guys, Orange does for all of their amps and cabs.
  11. Initially I rolled my eyes at these guys but in a moment of boredom I bought their 8 song CD since it was so cheap and I have to say I like them. Every song is great including the one that is a cover and I do not think that every song sounds like Zep. I am more of a Black Sabbath style person, never held Zeppelin as high as many do but GVF seems to have energized a lot of folks and there is excitement for a new band even if they sound like Zep or the Black Crows. I have noticed that many Zeppelin fans seem to take it too personally, when a band copies Black Sabbath is seen more of a compliment. GVF's singer has pipes, passes Plant with seemigly little effort. Simply incredible. Just my opinion. I'll probably buy their new CD when it comes out.
  12. Originally looked like this and the pickups were not very good at all.
  13. Well, I had a bit of time and took a few snaps on how this guitar turned out. I am really pleased, this guitar sounds fantastic with the Classic 57 set I installed, very good semi-hollow classic tone. Sounds fantastic. Ibanez Tuners Pickguard and covered classic 57 pickups Some brass detail on the controls, (Harmony knobs) And there she is
  14. Those same players want the guitar to be priced at around $800 to still not buy it. But I do the same thing I guess. I seem to be the only person outraged that a Gretsch White Falcon made in Japan costs $3,500 - $3,800 and I was never planning on buying one. hehehe I guess the focus of guitar price outrage in the guitar community is Gibson.
  15. He has his original Strat but he is a Gibson guy all the way. One time he was in town he went to guitar center and bought several vintage Les Pauls, I'd like to see his collection. Green Day still fills arenas, that's gotta count for something. While I have liked his other signature models this particular guitar does nothing for me, I do not like the pickguard one bit. As for the price point, well, seems all USA guitars are getting pricey these days.
  16. Oh yea, it is a nice little guitar. especially if you do not want a Strat bullet. The humbucker is decent surprisingly. But a one-trick pony. I already bought an Dogear P90 that will be good for slide and should be easy to install since it'll cover the humbucker hole. I may just have to adjust the length. This thing is going to be a budget SG Junior soon.
  17. I posted a few weeks that Walmart had these guitar packs on blowout at $56 plus tax for the black version. Anyway got it in a few weeks ago but I was traveling through Mexico for a couple of weeks. So here are my impressions: Headstock is very much shaped like a Gibson, I have seen some Maestros that had a wider headstock that looked a bit off. This one is not one of them. Headstock angle is 14 degrees, fingerboard width is actually just like a Gibson and so is the string spacing. I was surprised by this. Frets are decent, edges are not very sharp but I will run my trusty fret-end file (everybody should own one of these). The body has a nice SG shape but it is thicker to accommodate the bolt on neck. The body is made of countless strips of wood and they did not put a veneer on top, looks awful against the light, one wood strip has a knot hahaha, and there are some paint blemishes from the factory. One of the speed knobs came broken. The hardware is absolutely atrocious. The tuners are bumpy and lumpy, think of the cheapest tuners, well, they must use the ones that do not pass QC on this guitars. Lets put it this way, if somebody offered me $1 for the tuners I could not, in good conscience take the dollar. the tuners are crooked too. The bridge is very low quality as well. It comes with an amp, strap, cord, picks and DVD. All of this will find it's way to Goodwill. Don't need that stuff. But...for $60 it will be a decent slide guitar. The guitar actually play well by the way but there is no point on playing this instead of my nice guitars. I already bought some import parts for cheap that are much better than stock. Once upgraded I will post picks. I have spent $120 total including the guitar and will be a quick project.
  18. eBay fees are the same as Reverb for guitars. To me eBay is still the best place to sell a guitar other than very desirable models that can be sold locally. In reality a Lot of people post guitars on both eBay and reverb at the same time. If there isn’t good inventory it may be because it’s summer.
  19. I hate selling guitars, other gear seems easier to move, people are less picky about it. I did sell my 50th SG so that’s a great relief. The guitar resides now in Uruguay.
  20. Congratulations on well, everything. Love those Classics, I wanted on e for a while but knowing they are heavy I simply had to pass because my neck/shoulder issues.
  21. Tube tops are the best! Not but really I have bought Mullards lately, they do not make them like they used to according to tube snobs but they are a notch above others. Of course this is reflected in the price. But for me the most solid preamp tube price/quality ratio is the TungSol 12ax7. JJ's are good, they became the go-to tube for many because they are cheap, good an consistent but running a tungsol and a JJ on the same amp I always prefer the tungsol by far. Actually just yesterday I got a tungsol for my EPi Valve Junior head because I am running it with the attenuator and I need better overdrive than the JJ that is in it can provide.
  22. I just hope the guitar is a good platform for modding, as long as the neck and body have no issues I can fix everything else. I have seen these guitars in person and they are cheaply made but a new nut, pickup and wiring should make it a lot better. It will be aweek before I get it, I chose to have it shipped to the closest Walmart store just in case the guitar comes in damaged I can just return it there.
  23. Well like many other perspectives masterpiece is in the eye of the beholder, I listened to the UYI albums plenty when they came out and I associate them with that time in my life. Some songs are better than others and there's some filler but not much. No, the UYI albums are not at par with Appetite but that's one of the best hard rock albums of all times. I saw them in 92 and 93 before the whole thing imploded and hated the circus they became because of Axl, now he's made amends but I did not go see them the two times they came to town. IMO Slash needs something different than a borrowed band, plenty of musicians in LA and Nashville to choose from.
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