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    Those 2061's sound incredible. I wish I could justify buying one along withe the matching 2x12. Congrats.
  2. What's bad about it? The one I have and use works really well. When the original battery was staring to die (which makes the tuner act out) I replaced it with a good battery and no issues at all. I used to not be a fan of clip-on tuners but they are very convenient.
  3. By the way these Reverb tuners are great because they are universal, you can switch modes from guitar to bass to violin to ukulele, etc. I have a planet waves clip on tuner as well that cost me $12 and while it has the advantage of being low profile quality wise is very much the same as the Reverb tuners. When I gifted these Reverb tuners I even gave a replacement battery since those are also so cheap you can get them in packs on eBay.
  4. I ordered two more a couple of days ago. I have bought 3 in the past, I gifted two and the one I have works perfectly. I have replaced the battery on it once which is no hassle for me since it uses the same battery as my garage opener.
  5. I only have the SM57 and e609, I like the SM57 about 6" from the cab and the e609 right against the cab. I also have an MXL ribbon that I have used occasionally as a 3rd mic but place it further away.
  6. My favorite body style has always been the Bich ever since I saw Joe Perry playing one in a picture.
  7. Not quite, 5 watts is pretty loud. I have a Mesa 5:25 and use the attenuator with it and get a more open sound that simply using the 5w mode with the master down.
  8. These guitars are actually larger than a Gibson Les Paul. One inch wider at the widest point. I never understood the expression "nice little" when applied to things that aren't little.
  9. Thanks guys, I am really liking this guitar. I saw a Gretsch Broadkaster Jr. and got GAS that quickly went away when I saw the $2,800 price tag. Incredible that guitars made in Japan have become so expensive. Anyway, the Wildkat has all the vibe and then some. The size fits me better too.
  10. For more than a decade I have been considering getting a Wildkat, for one reason or another I never pulled the trigger. I had been looking for a good deal lately but could not decide on color choices. I almost bought one that was a project but I came into my senses. Finally this one came up for a great price, in a color that I was considering. $295 shipped to the house. Not bad at all. Call me crazy but by the pics on eBay I could tell the neck was slim and not too square (Epiphone uses a slim D profile on some guitars that can have too much shoulder and sometimes there is nothing slim about some necks). Anyway, I was right, I have tried about a dozen Wildkats and this has the my favorite neck profile of them all. I wasn't too crazy about the gold hardware but it looks great one this guitar. I'm really happy with it. I will replace the nut and the bridge saddles. One thing that made me laugh is that the bridge pickup was installed backwards and looks like it was installed that way at the factory.
  11. I have a Weber Mini-Mass and I really like it. For the cost of the average guitar pedal I wonder why attenuators are not more popular. Even my Mesa 5:25 which has s master volume sounds great using the attenuator when I find the amp. Actually for better sound I set it down one notch and it sounds great.
  12. Riffster


    That is one nice looking cab.
  13. I modify just about every guitar, this is my latest (not sure how to do the links on my phone) Before After
  14. The Gibson showcase located at the Opry Mills Mall closed due to the 2010 flood.. The Showacase consisted of a Live music venue that faced the outside of the mall, the guitar showcase/store that faced the inside and next to it there was a spot where they made Dobros and Mandolins. The entire mall was flooded in about 6 feet of water. The mall closed for 2 or3 years, Gibson did not come back. About 20 years ago we had the Gibson Cafe right on Broadway downtown Nashville, a small live music venue decorated with all Gibson stuff. I always regretted not buying a t-shirt I saw there, haha Now there is a Gibson Cafe at the airport by the gates that typically Southwest uses.
  15. If those are Hovland capacitors they are worth about $50-$100. They are sought after high end audio components, more do because the company went belly up and they are no longer made. Last time o sold a set of those I got $60 on eBay
  16. I had one of those for a while but never bonded with the neck/narrow nut width. The P90s were hot on mine, I think they measured around 13kohms and really liked the way they sounded. As for replacing them, I remember reading that you have to send the pickup in so they could de-solder the pickup and solder the new one for you.
  17. Ton of stuff in a single box. Probably not bad for a hard core fan or a newer fan that couldn’t collect stuff over the years. I have never been a box-set guy. Even on records I stick with original releases with some exceptions. There are different packages for this release, the one on the video is the most comprehensive and expensive. I’d be interested to listen to the music on this thing for sure but will not be buying it.
  18. Yea, and the bad things is that most people simply think bankruptcy means going out of business. I got my Gibson t-shirt at the Showcase right before the Nashville flood that forced that Mall to be closed for years, the Gibson Showcase did not come back. My t-shirt is ringspun cotton so it is quite soft.
  19. In other news, I joined my wife and kids at a school function today after work, in Nashville, she was wearing my Gibson t-shirt... random, out of the blue thing to do. I looked a bit puzzled, she asked, do you mind? I said no but you are about to get in strange conversations. Half an hour later after she was socializing she came back and asked me just what the hell is going on.
  20. They do and they don't. Part of the success of the CD is that just about any CD player sounded great, good enough. For an LP to sound better you need a good system and frankly back in the day most people did not have one. I do cringe when I see people buying $25 $30 records to play them in a novelty record player.
  21. I have an SACD player and yea, it sounds great. But never built my SACD collection. When I said that the CD format has been surpassed I meant the convenience of portability. You can carry around lossless files in devices much smaller than CDs without sacrificing sound compared to a CD.
  22. The CD format was very successful because of its convenience but that quality has been surpassed.
  23. Well, Napster is what ended the CD reign, the ability to legally buy downloads came later and as a consequence if I remember correctly. The strange thing now is that things have flipped and it is most of the time more expensive to download an album than buy it on CD.
  24. The CD was an astonishing success, if you see sales charts by format you'll see how the 90's were so strong for music sales and I think it was in part because of the portability of the format, you could play it at home, in the car or in a portable device. CDs are also much harder to damage than LPs and tapes. The problem with CDs is that digital technology is indeed replacing them without a loss of sound or much of an experience, while it's nice to have a CD physically it is not exactly a mind-blowing thing. I always say those grunge and alternative bands from the 90's got super lucky that the CD format was so popular and that they sold millions before Napster appeared and ruined the gig.
  25. Discogs was always a great way to find info on pressings, most of the time it is accurate. For selling or buying used online nothing beats eBay. Frankly, while I grew up buying vinyl and going to record stores I do not buy into the hype these days. Amazon has great prices and as a Prime member records get to my door in two days, sometimes I get the MP3 version for free even if the record does not come with a download card. I received the last Judas Priest released by 10am the day it came out, cannot beat that. I also order from ImportCDs.com since they have competitive prices and extensive selection As for most of the new bands I listen to I simply order directly from Nuclear Blast USA and Napalm Records USA. Good stuff. Now, this is something I can embrace.
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