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  1. I was going to say the same, Miller High Life bottles are twist off. I love that beer and as a plus it pisses hipsters off.
  2. When possible using a clip on tuner is all you need. Turn down the volume know all the way, tune up. My ideal way of tuning would be a Victoria Secret model to wrap her arms around me from the back and tune my guitar while I take a swig of Tequila.
  3. They offered SGs for less than $500 up until 2014. I just bought a 2013 SGJ and it is a great guitar. The guitar market is changing, not just Gibson. My example with Gretsch seems to have gone over your head a bit. Yes, Japanese guitar are very well made, yes, they take pride in what they do, it has been that way for a long time...but Gretschs cost twice as much as they did just 10-12 years ago. Are Japanese guitars twice as good as they already were? no, they weren't. I hear you though, I too would like see high quality at lower prices, reason why I got excited when I saw the Gretsch I referenced but then got shocked at the price. At the end of the day it is up to the consumer to choose what they buy or they don't. I do think it is going to get interesting if the Chinese company interested in Gibson ends up buying them.
  4. Amps are definitely important but the guitar is something more of a personal relationship because you are in contact with it and it needs to fit you better than anything else. You can find a cheap guitar that suits you actually but in my perception cheap guitars do not hold as well with time.
  5. Sorry Tim but I find some of the stuff you say contradictory and that frustrates me when folks complain about Gibson. - The guy in charge is the owner, at least for now. - The new flying V is a nice looking guitar, if it isn't your cup of tea that's OK. The original V is still made. - There have been actual classic models in the $500 range, SG fadeds of various years for instance are a great value. - Orange peel - nitrocellulose lacquer is tough to apply, yea Gibson should do it better but it is NOT a production-friendly finish, you compare it to the finish on an Ibanez guitar that is finished in polyester. Not the same, not by a long mile. - You want lower prices but you want a full setup from factory, kind of contradictory. Using your figures it means they'd have to hire 5-6 people to do that job, salaries, benefits, more factory space, more taxes. - Have you looked at other brands Custom Shop prices? For instance, the new lines from Fender, Original and Parallel Universe or something like that are $2000, not Custom Shop, they are priced this way because they are finished in nitrocellulose, they are priced higher than a bunch of Gibson USA models. Gretsch Guitars, I'm liking the new Broadkaster Jr. smaller body, Made in Japan, it is $2,800 only 10 years ago I wanted a Nashville Jr. which is the same guitar essentially, same size, woods, finish, etc, and it was less than half that price new. neither are finished in nitro. There are other examples but to me what will happen is that USA builders will end up all being custom shop and the rest of production will be sent overseas and import guitars will not be as cheap as they used to be. This is already happening. You can buy and ESP for $1400 made in Japan, but if you want the USA version that's $3,200. Maybe it's just me but I do not want to pay that much for a Japanese made guitar. Got all the Gibby's I need, 6 of them and they are all keepers. I am set for life.
  6. I would like it with a different headstock...a Fender headstock.
  7. There was a dude upping the ante on Facebook yesterday, he said Gibsons fret ends are so high on the guitar he tried that his fingers where getting chopped off. He claimed he knew exactly what he was talking about because he's been playing for decades. Fingers...chopped off...something to watch for if you are trying a Gibson.
  8. The used SG I bought feels good to play but action is a bit high. I measured and was surprised to find that it is exactly at the specs Stew-Mac recommends. When I get this guitar setup I'll ask for the specs my R8 came with as that's my best playing guitar.
  9. I saw that a few days ago, my favorite was the Get Yer Ya Yas out LP but all of them are great. Coincidentally that LP was on the cover of Vintage Guitar Magazine recently, it was cool to see it in action again if even for a few minutes.
  10. It is indeed, the guitar plays great, the action is so low there's nowhere for tone to hide.
  11. Errr, I ended up ordering the Sennheiser HD380 PROs... They used to be $200, now $150 then musicians friend sent me a 15% coupon code that worked and I needed strings sooo, I am blaming it on you Travis.
  12. Oops, I thought I was posting this on the Lounge.
  13. I’m a hobbyist and do not have my guitars setup often, in addition to this I’m a tinkerer and have enough tools to do a decent setup. Over the years I’ve taken some of my guitars to a couple of guys. First time I took one it simply felt like a string change, that’s a $55 string change. Some years later took a couple of guitars to another guy, he was an odd guy. His work was ok, nothing special. Then I found out he ended up in jail. Long story. Over the years I bought some basic tools and set my guitars up. Recently I saw a guy in a local Facebook group and the guy lives close to me, I checked and he studied guitar making at MI and worked for Gibson for a few years. Cool. So I started him off with a real challenge, my Epi ES335. I have tweaked this guitar to no end and just never became a good player since factory nut, saddles and frets were all terrible. I left the guitar and a few days later he had it ready, holy smokes!. Super, super low action and completely smooth frets. The guitar plays great with not buzz and just rings. I am really happy and already dropped off a second guitar. I anticipate I’ll have most of my guitars set up by this guy, they play so much better with a pro setup and I need all the help I can get.
  14. That one right in the center, super cool color.
  15. Nice guitar, congrats. I’ve been thinking about getting the yellow one but have been trying to resist temptation since I’m out of space
  16. I bought a set of Shure SRH440 and a few months later I used a set of Sennhesier HD380 PRO at a friends and that ruined me for my own headpshones. Granted, back then those Sennheisers were twice the price of mine but damned I wish I'd never used them. Now they are $150, I may get a set of those one of these days.
  17. I imaginé the transition to be the way described, but I was referring to Heritage Guitars. They started after Gibson in Kalamazoo was all over, how many people were really left in 1984 from the guys that built 50s Gibsons? Also, some employees did move to Nashville if I am not mistaken. There was that article posted in Gibson.com about a guy that was the longest Gibson employee and he had been recruited in Kalamazoo while being a taxi driver. His passenger worked at Gibson and told him they were hiring. If I remember correctly.
  18. But, did it really? 1,600 employees in the 60's down to 44 at almost the end and even less at the end between 1982-1984. http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2015/03/when_the_gibson_guitar_co_left.html
  19. Oh, I understood the first time but no, the original pickups and pots do not really cut it for anything. I have played the guitar under different settings and the pickups just do not produce good sounds. The pots are very ok and the tone control is pretty useless. I actually bought this guitar in part because I already have a nice set of Gibson pickups for it. My brother has a similar guitar and I knew the pickups would have to be replaced. And the pickguard, like Pippy said, this pickuguard is from my Epi ES335, on that guitar I put a short guard on that guitar. This is a super cheap guitar, stock means nothing really. Plus if I save the electronics I can put them back in.
  20. I have held two used Heritage guitars and they were nice, not nicer than a nice Gibson (for me). I am not knock them down but the mythical status they seem to have achieved in guitar forums by folks that have never even seen one much less played one or bought one is out of control, that's when my smart comments come in.
  21. That's pretty good. "Epiphones are better" - yea, that's why pros and semi-pros play them right? pros have to get paid to play them on stage. "Heritage Guitars are better" - oh yea?, let's see yours, oh, you don't own one. Who does? been to 100 shows in the last 3 years, have not seen one on stage. "Fenders are much cheaper" oh yea? the new "Original" line averages $2,000 because they are painted in nitrocellulose lacquer, just like Gibsons are. Effectively Gibson USA is now cheaper than Fender USA.
  22. Oh, the horror. Last night Gibson Custom posted a "made to measure" Les Paul o Facebook, and the first comment was "good luck selling that overpriced guitar". Of course that's a guitar that was ordered so it was sold before it was made! then you have to wonder why they subscribe to Gibson Custom on Facebook if they are going to complain about prices. Or the guy complaining that his Les Paul Classic has a plastic nut and that he paid $2,500 for that guitar (used). First of all, Classics do not sell for that even new, they go for $1,400 on the used market (the guy is the USA). Second Corian is an excellent material and third nuts in the 50's were actually nylon. Then you have the guy saying that since 1990 he's only played less than 5 good Gibsons, well, sounds like somebody is making excuses instead of music. Insane claim.
  23. Oh yea, definitely covered pickups, I already have them. It is a set of Gibson Busrstbucker Pros with A5 unoriented magent on the bridge and A3 magnet on the neck position. They sound great and produce very interesting overtones, they are currently in my Flying V which now will get a set of boutique pickups I bought locally for only $100USD. I am definitely a pickuguard kind of guy, and yes Pippy especially on contoured top guitars.
  24. A little, it's like 1 1/2" to 2" narrower and a bit thinner, definitely can tell the difference in size. I am 5'7" so my ES335 looks big on me, this Ibanez does not. And it is a little lighter but that could vary by guitar, definitely not heavy.
  25. Well, I am not going to install a pickguard for a while but I removed the "E", trimmed the spot around the bridge pickup and beveled the section between pickups. I'll put it away for now.
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