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  1. Saturn Posted 31 December 2013 - 08:37 AM I'm not sure (surprise) what this is implying. Are you referring to Baltimore Colts owner Bob Irsay , who looked into the camera and lied through his teeth to the city of Baltimore when he said "the Colts aren't going anywhere" and then snuck the team out in the middle of the night during a snowstorm? And now we have the Indianapolis Colts. Or do you mean the late owner of the Cleveland Browns, Art Model, who was upset that the city chose to build a Rock and Roll HOF before a new football stadium for his team and told everyone up front th
  2. Looks like the Cleveland Brown's are America's invisible team, as they wiffed on Josh McDaniels and look to hire an unproven coordinator guy, a la Rob Chudzinski 2.0. I know the odds of finding the next Vince Lombardi and have him coach in Cleveland aren't exactly very good but man. All I have to say is expect more investigations, be it from the FBI or even NFL, into owner Jimmy Haslam. Of course everybody knows he was found innocent in rebate gate but with another losing streak from the team, brings suspicion into how exactly things are ran at the top.
  3. Leslie Frazier, Greg Schiano, Mike Shanahan, Jim Schwartz and....? Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions and....? Of the 31 NFL teams.... there are 31 isn't there?.... Of the 31 NFL head coaches positions, no....who am I forgetting about?.... Rumor is that an NFL franchise will soon move to London, England, I think.... Can't be the Jacksonville Jaguars because they're one of the newest expansion teams. There isn't an NFL team in Los Angeles yet anyway, (hence it could be one of the 31 teams). Ah yes the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl last year to go a
  4. Well since it's for piano it doesn't necessarily have to have chord symbols but what if it's arranged for guitar?
  5. Not quite sure of the duration, as it has a piano beat, 4/4 time, the melody starts in the middle of the beat 1st and 2nd times but ends on the beat [(the C and octave D transition to the last chord at the end of the progression) (2nd time the C and octave D is omitted going strait to the last chord, presumably at the end of the measure)] , it's not written out in terms of measures. It's mainly on the piano with right hand playing melody, just me no bass part.
  6. Yes, it connects the notes F# with the A, which is below middle C and is played with the C and octave D in the lower register.
  7. Yes it's played with the C and octave D but not on the beat, in between per se.
  8. It's in the key of G. An E is a passing note in the piece.
  9. I am trying to find the name of a dyad, C and an octave D (no 3rd, no 5th), played at the same time. There is C6/9, C4/9, C7/5, etc. etc. and two power chords played together like a C5 and D5, which would be either a C5/D5 or D5/C5, depending on what dyad is played first from left to right. I find it hard to believe that there isn't a name for this kind of couplet. A Cadd9 (no 3rd, no 5th), a C2, or a C9/5 anyone?
  10. No, as I hardly ever play my Squier Strat, mainly because it has low-expectations-karma from the guys who sold it to me and it's basically worth very little so if it went missing I'd buy another electric guitar. It's hard enough to conger emotion playing my Dixon acoustic so there is not a real emotional bond in tact per se. A guitar is the means to express emotions that you can't express any other way, to say one has an emotional bond with an certain instrument is really missing an emotional bond with a person, the guitar is just the object to distract our minds from other more important comm
  11. Some people are physiologically older or younger than what their actual age is, thus an actual age 40 year old could actually be 60 years old in biological years. Or you could be just plumb lying about your age, say your 64 to garner some kind of respect of a forum, when actually you're 23. ;)
  12. Turn down the volume, uh that wouldn't make any difference whatsoever, or did I hear ya right? :huh:
  13. Sixty four, as in your biological age or your actual age?
  14. Well talk about living "beyond your means" a la Canadian style. :blink:
  15. Correction, this thread should be called "Prolonging the Inevitable" as it's about death and how one day the moderators of this forum will wake up and lock it or are they all deceased?
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