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    reading fantasy, make marble sculptures, play guitar, collect and drink wines, I have a tattooed body (Japanese style)...

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  1. need warm weather so I can finnisch my guitar clear paint

  2. Elmer


    haha, next time someone starts a poll about nitro versus laquer versus french politure versus polyurethane...they shoeld add Pink coat!
  3. This is a thing you should certainly get: OS (Win7 I guess) 64bit ... other wise all above 4gig is wasted money. The ram slots are paired (mostly two white colored and two black colored ...could be blue or red too, depends on the board) Make sure u use the same brand in the pairs (2 the same in the whites, 2 the same in the black ) ... other wise you could get a piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  4. The next time that can happen is in the next century...not 2100 but from 2101 on you can have 01-01-01 again and 02-02-02 etc Will we have the millenium bug again...or was there a lessons learned from 1999 to 2000?
  5. Darn, and I still doesn't have anything to wear...
  6. /Gratz, that is indeed a nice feeling. Some cash and more important (but not eatable), your creations get respected.
  7. 1) the short solo in I was made for loving you (KISS) --- short, cool, functional! 2) Bass solo: My generation / the who: Short, cool, functional. 3) Comfortably numb (Pink Floyd). 4) Walk (Pantera). 5) Johnny be good (Chuck Berry). 6) Charly Christian (I found a new baby)--(I find the trumpet solo better than the guitar one) 7) Sypathy for the devil (Stones). 8) Black Magic Woman (Santana). 9) Green onions (Jan Akkerman version). 10) David Bowie the man who sold the world (But the Nirvana version, that one fals note ...perfect).
  8. I have to work pretty hard and much and turn around every euro before I spend it. It took me 18 years to finally be able to buy my 1st Gibson. I gave a friend 3 sets of strings for his birthday, he is one of those boiling string guys. Give away a guitar, sorry, I can't.
  9. Elmer


    Gratz!!! Nice beauty!
  10. +1 for that, I sometimes forget that and think too much for what I want to do...I remember the few times my father told me I did something good, all the bad times...almost forgot them... The bored look on the other kids'face ...gheghe, they think darn, I wish I had a cool guitar like that :)
  11. Maybe this does not count but....just before I am waking up I have this solo in my head, I see the scales, the ritme, the feel, I just am 100% sure how to play it, then I open my eyes, haste to a guitar to find out I can't remember the solo hence how to play it...happens a lot :(
  12. it is hilarious but pretty good at the same time, I can listen to a whole cd of em!
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