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  1. Hi Dave! Ask more female guitar players. :D I would probably consider something like the curvey Jumbos and Super Jumbos female---not sure, I havent sat one in my lap yet. Glad to be on the forum, BTW. Trigger, my j-45, is a custom, not a custom shop.
  2. I like my Custom J-45 very much, but maybe I'm taking him for granted at least until someone starts oooing and awwing over him. Everyone wants to look, touch and play. I wouldn't call him a gentleman either. Despite the bling and the burst, he can get down and dirty. From the start I called my j-45 a he--definitely male energy going on with this one.
  3. Just Curious. What strings/gauge are you using on your J-45 RW?
  4. That was too much fun! Not only am I GASn for your guitar, now I want to give home recording some time and space!
  5. So many good opinions on the thread. I can't imagine losing Maggie, my blueridge. Can't we all just get along?
  6. Just Trigger so far, but I want more!! Bring on the Birds!
  7. I have a soft spot for James Taylor, Jim Croce, Lawrence Juber. Love Lyndsay Buckingham. There's some great young guns out there: Smoking Joe Robinson, Gabriella Quevedo, Rodrigo & Gabriella.
  8. Oh it's called relief. Learn something new everyday. :D
  9. My J-45 is not the easiest guitar I've ever played. (There! I said it! On the Gibson Forum!) There's a couple Gibsons, a couple Martins, and my blueridge out there by which I set my standard for acoustics "that play like butter." These are individual guitars that happened to be set up perfectly for my style, skill level, finger strength, good habits, bad habits etc. The gibbys and martins belonged to other people and I was lucky enough to plunk down the cash for Maggie the Blueridge, my weather beater. This baby is forgiving. She doesn't buzz if I can manage to throw my fingers on the frets...Course the tone is nowhere near the heaven that can be achieved with the j-45 even when fretted properly. It's just good enough. I'm working out the kinks that's bringing me and Trigger (j-45) together as one. I'm not a tech or luthier but I'd ask yours if you need a truss rod adjustment. It opened the sweet spot up on mine a bit. I'm experimenting with String gauges and picks. And watching the humidity. Then of course there's that pesky little thing called good technique. ;)
  10. I like the classic vibe of no button.
  11. Gibson ships with Lights but they say it's ok to use Mediums. I just put some on Trigger, my j-45 Custom, and with a slight truss adjustment, he's a cannon.
  12. My pick of choice at the moment is the medium (1.0) Fred Kelly delrin Slick Pick. For Flat pickin' I like Tortex 1.0s.
  13. Harry Chapin was the first one to come to mind. He made me want to play guitar and tell stories. Taxi, Sequel and Better Place to Be eats my lunch every time I hear them. Steve Goodman was also great. Both died too soon. I also think Bruce Springsteen does a really good job.
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