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  1. I am wanting to buy some used 57 Classic pickups, but don't want to get ripped off. I can't afford new ones so I have been looking on Craigslist and have seen some at good prices. I have been afraid of buying them used because I don't want any fakes. Is there a way to tell the real ones form fakes just by looking and close examination?
  2. Ace Freely made me want to play air guitar. AD/DC riffs made me want to play. Slash's solos made me want to play lead.
  3. Yes there is a little you should know about the finish. I am not sure what kind of finish it has but if it's nitro then it will require a little work on your part to keep it up. The nitro will react with all kinds of chemicals including sweat and skin grease. If you don't take care of it the finish will look bad. If nitro finish, buy some Virtuoso polish and put on 3 coats before you play it. This will build up a nice coat that is easy to clean and take care of. Use a soft t-shirt or lint free cloth to wipe all the grease, finger prints, and sweat off after each practice or jam session. EVER
  4. He is running each pickup into some piece of equipment that has more than channel. Doubtful that he is using one amp to do both pickups cause he is panning. He describes "panning" one pickup to the left and the other to the right. What he means is that the signal form one pickup is sent to the right speaker and the signal from the other pickup is sent to the left speaker. Thus it creates the "space". It can be accomplished many different ways. I have a 2 channel amp and i run each pickup into its own channel. It really gives it a thick "two" guitar sound. It is awesome for live shows.
  5. I forgot to address the imperial v metric question. Imperial is kind of like the way the US measures things. Inches, feet, yards. Etc (they are not exactly the same but closely related). Metric system is what most Asia and most of Europe use. Millimeters, meters, kilometers etc. Short version is they measurements are different because guitars made in Asia are measured using the metric system.
  6. I am almost 99% sure it was the T3BT. I got it through a local shop. The older Sheratons from the 90s had slightly different measurements on the bridge post and were not always consistant. I explained my worries to the owner and He told me if it did not fit he would take it back. It was not a simple fit. The post that came with the bridge would not fit the body. (I dont exactly remember what was wrong i just remember being mad about it) What I did was leave the original bridge post in the guitar and kinda force the new bridge on the post. I went slow and worked it from side to side unt
  7. Wait!!!! An Elitist LP and SG. You are one lucky man.
  8. The close up looks like a honeyburst. The overall looks like an Ice tea. The temp (color) of your lights and the angle can make a huge difference in the color we see in your pic. All that being said, I am pretty sure it is a honeyburst.
  9. I bought a used Sheraton and got a great deal because it was so hard to play and keep in tune. It was one sorry guitar. I then made the following changes. 1) i made a new bone nut. I have used tusk and bone before. Both are good, but the stock nut on my Sheraton was crap. That alone fixed all the tuning issues. (I could be wrong but I don't think the ivory nut is true ivory. I think ivory is illegal). I would go with tusk over the stock nut every time. 2) TonePro bridge. Again the stock on mine was crap (the worst bridge i have ever seen). The TonePro was worth every penny. I could not bel
  10. abilbay

    filing nut

    Try a good string/nut lube first. I use GHS Graphitall. It has stopped the "pinging" and tuning issue on my 08 LP without having to file the nut. It's cheap and easy. If it does not work then you have only lost a few days. I use it every time I change strings. If that does not correct the issue then a little nut work WILL fix 99% of tunning problems. Even if you have sloppy tuners. Most tunning issues are caused by the nut. I have the worst sloppy tuners on my Sheraton and could not keep it in tune. I made a new bone nut and now it holds a tune for ever. If you did not have the pro
  11. abilbay

    filing nut

    Do be careful and take your time if your going to do it. Make sure you buy the proper tools. You can get them from Stewmac. The first time I tried to file a nut I got the G string too low. Three nuts and many hours later, I got it "close enough". It is really easy to get the slot too deep if your not up to the challenge or not willing to try and try agin take it to a pro and let them file your nut
  12. I have one of the 50s with humbuckers and I love it. Yes it is made in America. The price is kept down by using a A or AA top instead if the AAA or AAAA tops. There is no binding on the body or the neck which helps keep the cost down. Mine was also a littler cheaper because GC was trying to clear out all of its 2012 LP.
  13. I did the exact same thing; used Gibson pump polish and a soft rag. It left swirl marks all over and failed to remove any of the haze or grease. Then I tried Virtuoso with a new cotton shirt. Made it look better than new. Try and you will never use anything else on your nitro. Also, wipe the skin grease and sweat off after playing with a clean cotton t-shirt to keep the nitro looking good. Do this EVERY TIME. .
  14. That same ser# came up on a fake LP Custom today from another thread. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/99487-is-this-a-real-custom-les-paul/page__gopid__1346651#entry1346651
  15. That same ser# came up on another fake LP in a thread from a few days ago. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/99355-suspicious-les-paul-for-sale/page__pid__1346403#entry1346403
  16. I cant say which us best for you, but for me it would be the Gibson. Hands down.
  17. I have experienced this same problem on several guitars. My 08 LP Studio had this problem at first. A few $ for graphite lube solved this problem. Now I use it every time I change strings. I would start with that and if it does not fix the problem, then take it to get some work done on it.
  18. I have often wondered the same thing. I have never understood that and can't even say for 100% that the 3 is for 3rd run. It's just what I have been told. I would really like to know myself.
  19. abilbay

    SG Cosmetics

    1961 to 1965 had the small pick guard. The "bat wing" pick guard was introduced in 1966. Not sure about the ebony.
  20. If it is "going out of tune" and not just "sounding out of tune" when you fret a note, try lube first. I have experienced this on my 08 LP Studio when I first got it. The problem was fixed with a little Graphite lube in the nut slots. Only a few $. I add new lube with each string change. . If it sounds in tune when played open but out of tune when fretted then it needs a good set up. Free if you know what your doing. If it is a recent purchase the store you bought it from may do it for free. I know GC will. On my Epi it sounded out of tune when fretted and went out of tune after eac
  21. If i am not mistaken you have a GC Exclusive Studio Delux 50's in Ice Tea finish. I have the same one. Here is mod # broken down and a link LP =Les Paul ST =Studio 5 = 50's neck IT = Ice Tea CH = Chrome Hardware 3 = 3rd Run http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Studio-Deluxe-50s.aspx
  22. I have spent a small fortune at Guitar Center, both online and at the store. I have never had a problem with their service or the items they have sold me. I have bought guitars that for one reason or the other was not a good fit and took them back with in 30 days for an exchange. Each time it was hassle free and a pleasant experience. They have ordered guitars for me to try in the store before i bought them. Glad they did, because each time i found out it was not the one for me. They have even made a few repairs for me and fhey did great work. I think when you sell as much equipment as G
  23. I am not sure if it makes that big of a difference to the tone or playability, but I do prefer my LP with the baked maple over my LP with the rosewood. It sounds to me like there is more "bite" with the baked maple. I don't have enough experience with ebony to weigh in on that debate.
  24. My 2008 Studio had the same problem. After a few months and numerous cleanings each time i played, the sticky was gone. It has not returned. now it is a nice fast neck. Let me add that mine has a nitro finish so I always clean it after I am done playing.
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