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  1. having posted in the "custom collection" section with no response, thought I'd try here. Is there a buckethead model in the works?
  2. I read on a forum that at the les paul tribute concert that the head of GibsonUSA Henry Jeskowitz announced that there is a buckethead signature gibson les paul in the works. Any info? I'd love to get my hands on a model.
  3. Will there be more zakk wylde custom and/or gibson usa les pauls? Like the red and blonde standard, or possibly a mylar/black bullseye? Also I saw that Zakk has a "gumby" les paul, that is the camo and cream white rings with an ebony fingerboard.
  4. I'd always loved his work, and know that he uses a gibson les paul goldtop with the P90 pickups and bigsby tremolo system. My question is, would there ever be the possibility of a custom shop David Gilmour Goldtop Les Paul? Maybe an Inspired By series?
  5. Thanks for the info. By the way, I wasn't asking for 24 frets on the robot guitar, I was just saying that if I could get a custom made les paul, I'd want the metallic green finish that is found on the robot guitar to be on the one that I'd want built. Just to clarify.
  6. But my question is, if I put an order in, could I get a custom les paul made with a neck that has 24 frets?
  7. make s custom order les paul with 24 frets? I'd like mine in metallic green like on the robot guitar, with multi-play binding, mahogany back and sides with maple cap, maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 24 frets, a Seymour-Duncan JB bridge pickup, and a fernandes sustainer in the neck. The head would be green like the body with the diamond inlay in black, all black chrome hardware with a killswitch.
  8. Will the Jimmy Page custom humbuckers ever be for sale?
  9. I was wondering if the custom shop would ever release 1. a buckethead white les paul, either the exact specs, or a more normal sized version, and an Adam Jones Silverburst. Also, I see that gibson sells the silverburst custom les paul on other sites, but the gibsoncustom.com page doesn't list the finish.
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