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  1. How is it some people are getting theirs with hard cases and others just a bag?
  2. Thanks for the replies, guess I would buy it just becasue I like the looks and the way it plays, but not for an investment.
  3. Local music shop has a 1975 Les Paul standard. They said it was factory re-finished.It is a really nice burst including the head stock being done in burst. Had the fret inlyas replaced, color changed and the pick ups changed. It does have humbuckers but they are not sure what years they are. They want $1,500. Is it still worth the investment and priced being a real 1975 or since so much has been changed is it over priced?
  4. well after tryng out several he decided on a the Goldtop Studio 60's tribute. Surprised me that he chose a cheaper one, but as long as he likes it thats what counts.
  5. Yes he has playing for a couple of years. He alrady has a USA Fender Strat in 3 tone sunburst, and a Epiphone Ace Frehley model. He is 16. He has always talked about getting a real Gibson one day so I was gonna try and surprise him. Guess I am better off letting him try them out though so I get what he wants. He plays mainly 80's rock.
  6. I actually looked at a regular studio wine red color. IT was $1,399 . $200 more then the Signature model. It still could be considered though. It is a good looking guitar as well.
  7. Looking to get my son his first Gibson. Can not afford the nice $3,000 models. Been looking at my local music shop and am thinking about either the Gibson Studio 60's tribute Faded Cherry burst @ $799 or the Les Paul Studio Joe Bonamassa Signature model golt top at $1,199 I don't know a whole lot about guitars. Is it worth it the extra $400 for the Bonamassa model? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am still learning.
  8. jeff6898


    Was looking in a store and saw 2 used Les Paul customs for sale. SOmething didnt look right. One was a silver sunburst the other Tobaco burst. Looked at it and it has made in the USA stamped in it Gibson headstock ect. I ran the serial numbers and they come up as a Gibson USA guitar. CAn they be using real s/n stamped in a knock off? Any info would be great as I don't want to buy a fake. THey are $750 Each. S/N 017160455 02005565
  9. Just had my Epiphone Ace Frehley signature guitar stolen this week. Someone broke into my home it sucks, Anyway I am looking at a 2006 Epiphone Les Paul Custom PLus in Vintage Sunburst. It is brand new still never been sold. I am getting a great price on it I think $425 . I am thinking of changing the pick ups. Does anyone have any ideas I was thinking of the 57 classics or the 498's. I have no idea what they come with. Any fed back on this guitar and pick up change would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Awsome thanks for the input. Look like I will get him a studio then. Now he can finaly say he has a real Gibson lol
  11. I wanting to get my son a Gibson since he always wanted one and loves to play. Upgrading him from a Epiphone. Due to pricing I am looking at the Studio model. Is this a decent guitar for a still newby at playing? Would the pick ups need upgrsding? I was told to replace them with the vintage 57 pick ups fpr alot better sound by someone. Any opinions is appreciaited.
  12. jeff6898

    what year?

    I am going by the music store this weekend to look at it again. I wil take a pic and post it, then get your opinions.
  13. jeff6898

    what year?

    Thnaks for the replies. NOt sure if the price is good or not. It is brand new never been sold has original case paper work ect. CAn get it for $1,700. Thinking I should jump on it.
  14. jeff6898

    what year?

    I am looking at a Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's neck Can someone tell me by the serial number what year it is? 032570580
  15. THe special I looked at is $795 with scratches all over the back of it and no case. For some reason I don't remeber the Les Paul signature above the GT like the pictures show. I will have to double check and see if the hard case comes with that one or not. Thanks for eveyones help.
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