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  1. I just noticed something else. The fret marker at the 7th fret looks funky. Like it's not filled in. I can kind of see down into the binding. Again, it's not an issue, REALLY, because the thing plays and sounds like a dream, but on the other hand, on some level deep down, I feel like when I shell out that kind of money for a guitar, that it should be immaculate. Oh well. Such is life. Here it is, with the 5th for comparison. It's hard to get a good pic.
  2. I used a dab of Elmer's to glue a pretty thick piece of cotton cloth onto the rubber part of my main capo when I got my first nitro guitar. Still on there.
  3. I bought a 4 XL 100% cotton T-shirt from Wal-Mart for 3 bucks. The woman sews and crochets for a hobby, she's gonna cover up the stands in it. It's black, but I washed it in hot twice. If something happens after that, it happens. I'm not that anal. I'm certainly not gonna change into a white 100% cotton jump suit every time I want to play it, ha ha. I'll do dome more, better pictures later. These are just quickies taken with the HTC while getting ready for work this morning. Visually the most impressive instrument I've ever owned, and sounds exactly the way a 'bird should sound, in my opinion. Couldn't be happier. If I had one complaint, it would be that the "Hummingbird" logo doesn't look like it was cut out completely cleanly by the CNC machine or whatever they use. But that's only an issue if I felt like I had to go looking for something to ***** about.
  4. I will get some pics up, I promise. Been busy playing, drinking Goose Island Honkers Ale, and smoking a pork butt.
  5. I was afraid of that. Photos forthcoming...
  6. Well, I have a brand new shiny Wildwood New Vintage hummingbird here. I took all my stands and completely wrapped all the parts that touch the instrument in what I thought was black cotton yarn. It turns out that it's 100% acrylic. Anyone have any idea if this might be an issue with the finish? I tend to keep my high end guitars in the cases but if I'm playing and have to take a break for whatever reason sometimes they might set on a stand for a few hours or so. That stuff adds up.
  7. "New Vintage" Hummingbird from Wildwood. Nothing to say, really, other than I won't get much sleep until Monday. I don't like buying guitars sight unseen but I'm banking on their reputation.
  8. To me it smells like Carmex.
  9. Chiming in for no reason. The Woody Guthrie SJ is the Gibson model I own. I had played J45's and they seemed good but somewhat inconsistent. Also, I preferred the visual enhancements of a Southern Jumbo, and had lusted after one for years, largely just because of the vibe. It was all to easy to picture Ryan Adams, my favorite artist, strumming "in my time of need on an SJ. Anyway, I found a guy on an acoustic guitar forum with a Woody for sale at a price I couldn't say no to. I got a HELL of a deal. It arrived in immaculate condition. The case and guitar smelled like Carmex. And it was love at first strum. Rapidly rose to position as my favorite guitar and remains there still. I've had it about, I don't know, 8 months or so.
  10. Different strokes, I suppose. I love my Gibson and my Martin, wouldn't part with either. But I also have a 25th anniversary 414ce and it's the fullest, richest guitar I've ever played. Maybe I just got lucky.
  11. I've found several places online, including Musicians Friend, selling them by the tin of 50.
  12. Yep, those are the ones? SO the "acoustic" pick is a medium? That's kind of what I suspected but I wanted to confirm before I ordered.
  13. This is my favorite pick ever. I want to get a bunch, but all I can find is the metal tin of 50, and those only come in T, M, H, or EH. Does anyone know which of these corresponds to the "acoustic" pick? Thanks in advance.
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