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  1. Hello,

    Here is the right direction to assist you

    For all Customer Service questions : http://www2.gibson.com/Support.aspx

  2. I'm sorry, but I can not view private messages because the website tells me "[# 10226] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system.".

    I need to use the program and I don't know how to do it. my e-mail is soniamiceli@libero.it

  3. I need help with decadence registration, can you help me?

  4. Hi,Please let me know"does Ver.5 still has autogain?"

    if it has it,when & how dose it work?

    Thank you for help.

  5. Please check my quick grid post questions..newbie user needing help

  6. Hello,

    Thanks again for beta testing. If you have a second I have an updated firmware issue for your unit specific so it is not on the forum. Please download this file and update the firmware like you always do. Please let me know if your "Slow Browser" or "Crash" go away. File to download - http://we.tl/E1fqob0NFb

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