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  1. I clearly did read what was wrote....again pictures worth a thousand words, I slam Gibson when needed, like the tv j45 I had with laminated parts on it.....it was unacceptable and should have never left the factory. And was personally attacked by Gibson fan boys for it. or the next high end vintage j45 I owned with wolf tones on the g note, all of them, it was sent back, but should have been destroyed, not sold for around 5k... I understand the OP not being around to comment, and attacking him, is lame. Shame on all you doing this.... furthermore the lame excuse of hide gl
  2. I think the point of this is this is unacceptable!!! Not buying hide glue is hard to work with, it a heck of a lot easier to clean up than anything else. Hide glue pulls wood together as it dries, unlike white glue. my very first attempt at building a guitar cab with it. And tolexing the cab with it. was my best work ever, because of how hide glue works. It’s nothing complex. this a a custom shop? it’s unacceptable is what it is, at 5k , it should look, and sound stellar, or never leave the “custom shop “. regardless if it’s gibson or any cu
  3. in currently available guitars. Is the Gibson Historic 1936 J-35 the largest most baseball, neck of the historic’s? anyone have one? I like 50s les Pual necks, and the srv fender necks...I can not lie, I like big necks.
  4. Tuning issues are usaly in the nut, making the issue worse still is the nylon nut, even with great nut files, That stuff is hard to work with, but once it is, your all set. Hope the tech was paid well, these nuts take a lot more time to get right.
  5. I got the same ...and same color, IOHO, Gibson built what I wanted, solid body, hand wired, 50s neck, love it, and I am sure your loving your as well my friend.
  6. I was pretty confused when I started looking at les puals, so many models now, hard find a old school layout, other than custom shop. the names do not help much, IMHO. Things have changed so much, a standard is not the standard of the past, that's for sure. The traditional T of 2017 anyway is to me more a standard of the past, no circuit board wiring, big turn off... solid mahogany body, 50s neck....WOOT! no g force tuner plastic thingy, nickel hardware. things I did not care for on the Standard T are , weight relived body, just don't like em, my traditional T is 8 pounds 8 oz
  7. well she got sent back, sadly the worst wolf tones I have ever experienced, the guitar had everything going for it, the build, the woods, but from 2-3k, a loud and swelling ring that did not relate the fundamental, the tone also warbled, I could see this in pro tools, with isotope insight, on a waterfall plot, never seen anything like it, also the f cord regardless where it was played, just vanished from the mix. kind of sad, to see such a great guitar and great woods, sound so bad.
  8. Things I am very happy about, build is very very nice, a few things that my now sold j45tv irked me are now gone, pick guard placement being one is perfect on the V, my tv had a very yellow burst, I like the more orange ish hues of the V, some do not like the darker look, I love it. The top wood is interesting very tight grain at the seam, then it opens up a bit in the middle and under the black tightens up again. A few areas show claw. It's a better peice of wood than my old tv, The back and sides are flawless, very consistent, the fretboard and bridge, are solid one piece, and do not have
  9. Well sure is pretty, build sure nailed it, much better than my j45tv. I hated the pickguard placement on the tv, and a few other issues,so the tv was sold, like the darker burst much more, and one peice of wood for the fretboard and bridge. I'll have to give it a week or so to report on sound. So far sounds just like well a j45....lol.
  10. TLM-103 more than likely, yet may not be the only one, its position is wrong for a single mic, could be one of an xy set. could be room mikes as well....who knows. then there is mic pres, what kind of a to d converters, and the clock, it all adds up, killer clean is about the hardest to get right, and will show any weak point in the chain. IMHO.
  11. I find the first track fitting the song in unprocessed Johnson way. The second sounds a lot more modern sounding. Imho, track one nailed it. In vibe and tone. Both are great, just like the first one best.
  12. A classical guitar trick is using ping pong balls and super glue, you can shape em however you like.
  13. It (they) is (are). hope so.....find out today.
  14. Here some cliff notes. under an electron microscope,spruce thermo wood cells look like 17th century wood cells, they are open, in new wood the cells are closed. The wood takes on less moisture, is more stable, is stiffer, resins crystalize, has a faster sound velocity, also weight reduces. just like aging wood does over 50-60 years. it can be overdone, and if so breaks the cells. and with a wood plane is easy to spot. all of this in pretty huge for an acoustic, even more so for a classical, with less sting tension to make sound, on the projection side anyway. but the biggest part
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